What is Mailerlite

What is Mailerlite and why do you need it?

It’s a popular and easy-to-use email marketing platform. The company has been in the game long enough, with its tools for marketers at small businesses and agencies.

Mailerlite is great for email marketing, lead generation, sales, customer relationships, and automation campaigns. Sounds like a good deal right?

Let’s dive in and find out how good Mailerlite is. We’ll start with what the company is about and what they can do for you. Then we’ll cover the main features, advantages, and sign-off with pricing information.

What is MailerLite?

What is Mailerlite email marketing platform

Mailerlite is an email marketing service for creating professional campaigns with easy-to-use marketing tools. Create emails, newsletters, landing pages, opt-in forms, and automation workflows.

The Mailerlite team started out as a web design agency in 2005. In 2010, they rebranded to ‘Mailerlite’ to offer exclusive email marketing services. They currently have 100+ employees working across 35 countries.

Some interesting stats about Mailerlite:

  • They’ve served over 1.2 million businesses around the world
  • They send more than 1 billion emails each month
  • Mailerlite was the 5th fastest growing SaaS business in 2019
  • MailerLiter’s estimated annual revenue is $12 Million for 2022.

Marketers will enjoy using Mailerlite as it comes with good drag and drop editing options. Choose from over 70 ready-to-use templates to quickly create high-converting campaigns. Sync your data with other apps by using the 130+ integrations. Their customer service has a great response time and the pricing plans are reasonable.

Mailerlite is one of those email marketing tools that’s easy to work with. The interface isn’t super-complicated and you can find your way around with relative ease. The only downside is sometimes the content editors are slow to load.

Do I need an email marketing tool like MailerLite?

If you want to succeed in marketing, email marketing software is a must-have in your arsenal. Here are some reasons why email marketing is a good idea:

  • Email marketing has the highest ROI compared to all other marketing channels
  • You actually own your audience compared to social media. If Facebook changes its algorithm tomorrow or goes down altogether, your meticulously built-up profile will be destroyed. Compare this with email marketing where you always own your email lists. Even if your ESP goes down, you can import your list to new software.
  • It’s easy to measure results and justify email marketing spending. A good email marketing software gives you useful measures like open rates, click rates, and revenue attribution. You can easily check which email campaigns perform well and then adjust your marketing spending based on your campaign’s performance.
  • Emails are interactive and engaging. Add bold headlines, eye-catching images, funny gifs, or branded videos. Emails allow you to add rich media which are bound to catch your reader’s attention.

And here are some reasons why you’ll enjoy using Mailerlite:

  • A/B test emails to improve your open and click rates
  • Auto resend gives subscribers a second chance to open your emails
  • Use RSS campaigns to automatically send out new content from your website
  • Choose from several beautiful templates that fit your theme
  • Spice up your emails with surveys, dynamic content, and social media

How can I learn to use MailerLite?

It’s easy to learn and use Mailerlite. Sign up for a free plan to get started. Mailerlite will nudge you to fill out your business details and you’ll be able to create emails right away.

The drag and drop editors are intuitive and quick to get around. If you get stuck anywhere, reach out to the customer support team and they’ll be glad to help you. If you’re in a hurry you can start a conversation using live chat or browse from thousands of help articles and videos. 

The Mailerlite knowledge base is filled with lots of customer support material. They have video tutorials and a ‘Getting Started’ guide. Before you make any commitments you can book a demo to get a walk-through and get answers for any of your questions.

What else does MailerLite offer besides email marketing?

Mailerlite does more than email campaigns. Build a landing page and even a website to collect leads. And create automations to convert those leads into customers.

Create popups and forms

Create valuable content for visitors and get leads using popups and embedded forms. 

  • Choose from templates for many use cases
  • Create popups based on visitor behavior
  • Comply to privacy laws with GDPR friendly settings

Create websites

Build professional websites with an intuitive drag & drop builder. Design your layouts, add content, manage settings and launch your website:

Build a landing page

Get subscribers, sell products and improve conversions. A standard landing page comes with:

  • Signup forms
  • Content blocks
  • Surveys
  • SEO settings

Setup automation workflows

Use automation workflows to:

  • Automate Welcome emails, birthday emails and nurturing campaigns
  • Segment and tag subscribers when they take actions
  • Guide customers with drip campaigns
  • Increase sales with abandoned cart email campaigns

How to use MailerLite: Main features

Mailerlite offers 4 core products. These are divided into forms, emails, websites, and marketing automation workflows. Let’s have a look at each to see how they work and what’s inside.

Create forms and popups to generate leads

Mailerlite offers three types of forms. Embedded forms, popups, and something they call ‘promotional forms’.

Popups come with 24 pre-built templates. These include templates for full-screen popups, slide-ins, and half-screen popups. You’ll find templates for simple sign-ups, holiday discounts, product launches, and more. Select one of these then hop on into the editor.

Mailerlite popup template examples

The popup editor is user-friendly and has enough content blocks to create high-converting forms. Add text, images, countdown timers, social links, and dividers. Design options let you control padding width, colors, and fonts. Once you’re happy with your form, choose appearance settings such as timing and frequency and you’re ready to publish.

Mailerlite visual popup editor

Promotion forms are basically pop-up forms with promotion-specific designs. There are 13 templates to choose from. Build popups for products, webinars, announcements, and limited-time offers.

When you build an embedded form, you start in the form editor.

No need to choose templates. Which is smart, because most website themes will override the styling after you embed your form to your webpage. The embedded form editor doesn’t work with drag and drop functionality, but you can edit headings, colors, fonts, and layout.

Send email to share news, educate and sell

This is where Mailerlite excels. Choose from multi-purpose templates to create well-crafted campaigns. A/B test content to see what works and what doesn’t. If you’re a blogger, send automated RSS feed emails to generate traffic for your new posts. Create emails with the drag and drop editor, use a rich text editor or design emails with a custom HTML editor.

When you create an email campaign, you’ll choose a campaign name, a subject line, and add sender details. Then you’ll select your template. Choose from over 70 templates spread across the following categories:

  • Ecommerce
  • Newsletters
  • Announcements
  • Deals
  • Events
  • Blog
  • Inspiration
  • Notification
  • Holiday
  • Survey
  • Healthcare and wellness
Mailerlite email template library

The drag and drop email editor is fresh-looking and the controls are intuitive. Add and edit elements like images, headings, buttons, social links, countdown timers, columns, and more.

Mailerlite drag and drop email builder

One feature I loved about Mailerlite is the ability to connect to your eCommerce store. You can then import products from your e-commerce platform with customizable product email blocks. 

Build landing pages or even a website

As a marketer, you’ll be pretty happy that you can build both landing pages and websites with Mailerlite. 

Build a landing page by choosing from one of 44 templates. 

Mailerlite landing page template collection

When you choose a template, you’ll enter the drag and drop editor. The editing is the same as for email campaigns. Add product blocks, edit the design, and create urgency with countdown timers. Play around with the landing page editor to discover all the possibilities.

What is Mailerlite landing page editor

If you want to build a quick, functional website. Mailerlite got you covered. Similar to all the features, you’ll choose from 14 templates to start building a website. The templates cover industries like real estate, art galleries, food, products, agencies, authors, and more. The best part is you can edit any of these templates to suit your business type.

After choosing a template, use the drag and drop editor to build your website.

Mailerlite website builder

Start by editing your primary navigation. Add pages for products, FAQs, and the about us sections. Then drill down into each page and edit them with Mailerlite blocks. You’ll find useful blocks like testimonials, sign up forms, maps, countdown timers, and more. With a vision, you’ll have a website ready in 20 minutes.

Once satisfied with the design, add favicons, SEO titles and descriptions. Then add social media titles and descriptions, and set up analytics tracking. Your website is now ready to go live.

Host MailerLite’s landing pages and websites either on their domain (example.mailerpage.com) or use the same domain as your website. If you already have a website, you might want to use MailerLite’s landing page builder to add a few extra landing pages.

Save time with marketing automation workflows

Marketers and small business owners will find real value in Mailerlite automation features. You’ll build automations based on customer interactions.

Mailerlite email automation trigger options

For example, create automations when someone clicks a link or completes a sign-up form. After you choose your trigger you can do quite a few things, like:

  • Send an automated email
  • Update custom fields
  • Add tags
  • Move to a different subscriber group
  • Remove from your lists
Mailerlite email automation step options

Once you’ve set your automations up, you can rest easy and let Mailerlite do the work.

Who is MailerLite for?


Mailerlite is perfect for freelancers. Setup your own personal website using Mailerlite to promote your products and services. Use landing pages and forms to grow your email lists of potential clients. Create automated campaigns to keep customers satisfied. Use drip campaigns to turn your leads into customers.

Startups and small businesses

Startups and small businesses will benefit by using Mailerlite as their email marketing software of choice. It’s easy to learn and setup. You’ll find templates suited for small businesses. Tracking options will let you measure campaign performance. 

Digital Marketing Agencies

Agencies won’t need to spend time and training to use Mailerlite. It’s one of the cheaper email marketing tools. Couple this with the fact that you can create team accounts on Mailerlite. You’ll enjoy a seamless, team-centric email marketing experience.


Writers want more readers. Plain and simple. How does Mailerlite help you do that? 

If you have a website with healthy traffic, you want to make sure these people return to your website again and again. Here you’ll use Mailerlite forms and landing pages to collect email addresses. Then whenever you publish a new post or book, shoot out an email to these people. Send them links, invite them to your website, and get them reading your content! Automatically!

What does MailerLite cost?

Mailerlite has a free plan for up to 1000 subscribers and 12000 emails a month. This plan includes all the essential features you need to get started.

Mailerlite pricing plans

Mailerlite premium starts at $10 a month and it provides you the best bang for your buck. It includes custom domain support, custom HTML editor, delivery by time zone, click maps, A/B testing, unlimited domains, and unlimited emails. With this plan, your price goes up as your subscribers count increases.

MailerLite discount

Ready to try out Mailerlite? You’ll be glad to know we’ve got a discount for you. 

Sign up here and you get:

  • Full month free plan with all features
  • Additional 30% off if you pay for the year

Is MailerLite free?

If you want to try out the software, Mailerlite is free for up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month. You get most of the features on the free plan. With this plan you get:

  • Email support
  • Email, forms, and landing page editor
  • Subscriber management
  • Automation
  • RSS campaigns
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Campaign reports
  • Multi-user accounts

And a lot more. Not a bad deal, is it?

Pros and Cons of using MailerLite

What we like the most

  • Landing page and email templates are sleek and modern looking
  • Strong website and email editor with useful blocks
  • All the features considered, it’s a cheap email marketing service
  • Useful automation tool

Can be better

  • Interface sometimes slow and clunky
  • Mailerlite needs to add more templates for forms and landing pages

Conclusion: Is Mailerlite the tool for you?

Unlike other bulk email software, Mailerlite is a complete suite of marketing tools. It comes loaded with forms, popups, landing pages, websites, email builder, templates, and automation tools. Their customer support is helpful and the free plan is worth a try.

Couple this with the fact that it’s priced quite fairly, and you have a winning combination on your hand. 

Of course, before jumping into any product, we advise you to do your due diligence. Read this in-depth Mailerlite review and take Mailerlite for a test drive to get a feel for the tool.

Rukham Khan

Rukham Khan, is marketing writer and specialist. He writes about email, content, and lead generation tactics in an effort to help and inform entrepreneurs and small businesses. In his free time, you can find him playing squash or managing his personal blog on Medium.