The email marketing strategy of 15 smart marketers [infographic]

The email marketing strategy of 15 smart marketers [infographic]

By 21 October 2015 Articles 5 Comments

Building a Newsletter seems like a no-brainer.

Email marketing is a great way to grow your business. It can help increase your overall web presence and bring in more revenue in ways that a regular website cannot.
Studies have shown that email subscribers can lead to twice as many comments and shares than regular website readers and almost 3 times the revenue.

You know all of this but… Where to begin?

How do you take a visitor to your website and turn them into an email subscriber?

And then, how do you turn this email subscriber into a paying customer?

Hmmm, it looks like you have some research to do.

First, you need to pull in subscribers…
What sort of subscription form should you use?
What information should you ask?
Where should you put it?
How many subscription forms? All the same?
Should you include a Lead Magnet?
What is a Lead Magnet anyway and will it actually bring in more subscribers?

And then, after you get them to subscribe…
After you learn all about Lead Magnets and which ones work best for your readers…

Now you need them to open your emails.
And this is not as easy as you would think.
Think about it…
How many emails do you actually open?
Did you know that one-third of emails are opened based on the subject line alone?
Now you do.
And now that you do, knowing the most effective types of subject lines becomes kind of important now.
Doesn’t it?

It will also be good to know what day of the week is the best time to send your email along with what time of day it should be sent.
Also, who is sending it?

These things really matter.
So you better get your study helmet on.
And be prepared to keep it on…

Because after you figure out all of this, you still need to figure out how to turn your readers into paying customers.
What sort of content should you provide?
Should you create your own?
Share articles from other sources?
What will your readers find valuable?
How will you connect with them and turn them into customers?
So many question marks…
And so little time to get it all figured out.

Being simplistic, there are two ways how you can figure this out.

You can do some research using Google and read some websites focused at email marketing (like the one you’re reading right now).
You can observe and look what other marketers who have been doing email marketing for a long time and have many subscribers are doing. Not what they say you should do, but what they are actually doing.

If you have hours to spare, subscribe to the newsletters of a few marketers you respect and start observing what they do. Keep track of it.

If you don’t have this time and prefer someone to do this for you, keep reading.

A few weeks ago, I did a study where I analyzed how some really smart marketers are doing their email marketing.

I analyzed their strategies and tactics to gain subscribers and convert them into paying customers. Finding out the best strategies from subscription forms to content sharing. Here’s the outcome of this research.

Then, I condensed it all down into an easy to reference infographic providing anyone who reads it a shortcut to creating an effective newsletter.

Javier Sardá

Javier Sardá


Javier Sarda is the Founder of NewsletterBreeze, a software that generates newsletter content in minutes from curated sources. Javier likes to write about email marketing and how small businesses can use email marketing to gain new and repeat customers.

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