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Animated GIFs in email: GIF me more

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Using animated GIFs in emails can quickly display brand’s personality, as well as make your email stand out in the inbox. Although it might be tempting to feature GIFs in your emails “purely to jazz them up, they can actually have numerous practical uses – especially for retailers.

Recent research by Experian showed that 52% of email marketers already use animated GIFs. So how can YOU use them? Read More


From-Address Dos and Don’ts for your email newsletter

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One area of email marketing which is often not talked about is your ‘From-Address’. Now an email marketer can use their From-Address for good (more conversions and results from your newsletter) and for bad (the opposite or at least make your mail look quite strange to the recipient). There are actually quite some things to say about the From-Address So what are the DOs and Don’ts?  Read More