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Email subscription pop-ups rule!

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Gathering quality, permission driven email opt-ins for your newsletters should be at the top of every email marketers’ to-do list. Without an engaged audience it can be hard to make the most out of your messaging.

Luckily there is a math and science to growing your email marketing opt-in list and a good part of it is around targeting your opt-in requests.

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How to generate more email opt-ins from Facebook

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What is your number one pain with email marketing? If you’re like most marketers – it’s lead generation.

Getting good leads to nurture – and convert – is one of the biggest problems facing online marketers. Fortunately, social sites like Facebook give you the chance to begin the sales cycle through nurturing relationships, amplifying your brand, and ultimately getting the sale. Read More


Unpresidented Email Marketing: Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign

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Last year Barack Obama won the presidential elections and now he is in the White House for four more years. During his campaign, the campaign managers frequently used email marketing. This was well covered in the U.S. online media ( Read on and learn how incredibly important the use of email marketing has been for winning the presidential elections.

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