Uniting the Email community for Ukraine

The entire world is shocked by the situation in Ukraine: the Russian invasion of the territory of Ukraine. This is Putin’s war against the entire world, the tragedy is immense. We need to help. Many of our industry members know colleagues, friends, and people in the region.

If there was any time where you cannot explain being passive, this is it.

I would like to make the appeal specifically to you:

  • In the Email marketing community,
  • In Marketing automation and CRM,
  • In MarTech & Marketing in general.

This is the time to help. I personally invite you to join in, help and show the world what we can do. Big or small, every contribution counts.

What can we do?

1. Add to the power of our community 💛💙

To show the power of the email marketing community. Here is a list of amazing companies, institutions, and individuals that are making a difference. Show the world how we are making an impact, by adding your initiative to our list. (There is an option to do as company, individual and keep as anonymous.
(but we’d ask you to show your name if you can). Add your initiative to this list

2. What can OUR INDUSTRY do specifically?

Obviously, with the size, there is a lot of possibilities to help. Here are some strong ideas: 

You can donate to the Ukrainian people and army here. Or any of the approved charities in Ukraine.

  • Give free use of tooling or services free for Ukrainian companies.
  • Reimburse any costs made for sending, informing or appealing to others through your tooling.
  • Support charities directly, with services and/or software.
  • Craft and share additional resources (see below).
  • Reserve space on your website, in your newsletter and social media accounts to share this message.
  • Replace or add to you branded email footer, a link to charity page.
  • Include a link to charity page in your personal email sign off.
  • Ask two people in your network personally, what they are doing to help Ukraine.
  • Invite local (eg non-English) to help and send personal appeals.

Other initiatives to join:

Ask connections in the region how you can help them
One of the best ways to help is to directly ask your connections in the region what they need both in Ukraine or contacts in neighboring countries, like Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and Moldova.

Here is LinkedIn links to your 1st personal connections and companies where you have personal connections:

Adding the badge to your website

Help us spread the word about this appeal by adding the badge to your website:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/virae/we-stand-with-ukraine@v1.0.2/badge.js" url="https://www.emailaudience.com/support/" position="left" async></script>

You can paste the code above to anywhere on your site. It will look and work exactly the same as you see on this page in the bottom left corner.

Additional resources

Email Templates
No war, pre-made email templates by stripo
Stand with Ukraine templates by BEE

Copyright-free images (you can use these for free)
Pixabay Ukraine

We stand with Ukraine website badge

Thank you for showing your support in a time of need.
If you have any questions or like to connect with me: Jordie van Rijn jvrijn@emailmonday.com or contact form

Signed, the global email marketing community.