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Moosend Email Marketing Software Review: Features, Price, and Support

Moosend is a modern and simple email marketing tool. It’s well-suited for agencies, SaaS companies, and small businesses.

This email marketing service works for marketing automation, lead generation, audience management, and of course, email marketing.

Let’s take a closer look at Moosend and see how it works as an email marketing tool. We’ll first give you some information about the software and how it works. Then we’ll go over the main features, advantages, and wrap up with the pricing options in this Moosend review.

What is Moosend?

Moosend email marketing and automation software

Moosend is the email marketing software you need. It lets you create, edit, measure, and run amazing campaigns with ease. You can also manage your audiences, grow your customers, and automate workflows.

Some interesting stats and facts about Moosend:

  1. Founded by Yannis Psarras, Moosend started serving customers in 2011.
  2. Moosend’s top customers include big names like Hewlett-Packard, Ogilvy, and Domino’s. 
  3. They were acquired by Sitecore in 2021.
  4. They have 30+ employees and serve 4000+ customers worldwide.
  5. The Moosend headquarter is in London.
  6. They have around 900,000 monthly website visitors.
  7. Their estimated revenue for 2022 was $1.7 million.
  8. Moosend got 9.2 for ease of setup (average: 8.4) in the G2 Annual Comparison report.

With Moosend, you can create awesome email campaigns in a snap. Just pick one of the 75+ templates, add your products straight from your store, and use the drag-and-drop editor to make it yours. Plus, you can try it for free for 30 days. How sweet is that?

Getting used to and learning the software is a breeze. Within a few minutes, you’ll be ready to create professional email marketing campaigns or design time-saving marketing automation workflows. The interface is easy to work with, and you can find your way around the dashboard easily.

Do I need an email marketing tool like Moosend?

Email marketing is one of the most time-tested and reliable tools in a digital marketer’s bag. Here are some compelling reasons why you need email marketing to succeed:

  • Email marketing offers the best return on investment compared to all other channels.
  • Email marketing works for all stages of the sales funnel. Use it to build awareness, inform customers, help them make a choice, and even get them to complete purchases.
  • Email marketing is engaging and interactive. With emails, you can include rich media like catchy headlines, appealing images, witty GIFs, or customized videos.
  • You actually own your audience compared to social media. If Facebook changes its algorithm tomorrow or goes down altogether, your meticulously built-up profile will be destroyed. Compare this with email marketing where you always own your email lists. Even if your ESP goes down, you can import your list to new software.

And here’s why you’ll quickly love using Moosend:

  • 75+ email templates to choose from
  • Ready-made automation workflows
  • Email attribution to track which emails make you money
  • Direct integrations with 42 apps. And the option to connect 4000+ other tools with Zapier

How can I learn to use Moosend?

Moosend is a straightforward software and quite easy to learn. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial and get started. Once you’re in, the walkthrough wizard will help create your first email campaign, show you how to import subscribers and build your email list.

You can create amazing emails and landing pages with the drag-and-drop editor. Just pick any element you want to add, and drop it on your design. 

If you need any help along the way, Moosend has a knowledge base and video tutorials for you. You can find answers to your questions about emails, landing pages, forms, campaign design, reports, and account management. To talk to the Moosend team, contact support through email or chat. If you’re on the enterprise plan, you get a dedicated account manager to help you with anything you need. 

What else does Moosend offer besides email marketing?

This email marketing platform goes beyond just emails. Its key features include lead generation, audience management, analytics, and marketing automation.

Moosend software key features

Get leads with popups and forms

Get website visitors to sign up with dynamic forms:

  • Choose from templates covering different occasions and business use cases
  • Comply with privacy laws with GDPR-friendly settings
  • Add rules for when, and to whom to show your forms

Build landing pages to convert visitors

Get subscribers, sell products, and improve conversions. The Moosend landing page builder comes with:

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Ready-made templates
  • Widgets like countdown timers
  • Built-in forms
  • Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tracking

Create automation workflows

Use automation workflows and:

  • Send birthday or anniversary emails
  • Re-engage customers who haven’t opened an email or abandoned their cart
  • Create e-commerce funnels, e.g. up-sell/cross-sell, or special offer reminders
  • Choose from 32 automation triggers

Track your campaigns

Collect important data and measure campaign success with reports and analytics:

  • Bird’s eye view for each campaign
  • Track opens, bounces, clicks, and conversions
  • Use heatmaps to see how people engage with your content
  • Create custom reports that suit your business

Moosend Review: Main features

Send emails to share news, educate or sell

Moosend offers a few ways to create and send emails. Send newsletters and promotional emails using the Regular Email option, or use RSS Campaigns to create emails from your website content. In total, Moosend has 5 ways to design an email:

  • Regular Campaign
  • A/B Split Test Campaign
  • Repeatable HTML Campaign
  • RSS Campaign
  • Automation Campaign
Moosend email campaign basic settings

Start your email with some basic settings. Pick a catchy name, subject line, and preview text for your campaign. Next, select your mailing list and a template for your email. You have 75+ templates to choose from, in different categories such as:

  • Articles
  • Automation
  • Blogging
  • Cart abandonment
  • Clothing
  • Corporate
  • Ecommerce
  • Ebook
  • Food
  • Greetings
  • Launch 
  • Lead generation
  • Products & promotion
  • Sales
  • And all types of holiday templates
Moosend template library

Now it’s time to design your email. Drag and drop elements to customize your email. You can add images, headings, buttons, social links, countdown timers, columns, and more. The drag and drop is easy to use, without sacrificing granularity or control. Moosend has one of the best free drag-and-drop email builders.

When you’re done with your design, Moosend will prompt you to schedule your email. You can send it right away, or pick a date and time in your timezone. Check your settings one last time to make sure everything is perfect. And that’s it, your first email is ready to go.

Get leads with forms and popups

Moosend has 3 types of forms. Pop-ups, inline forms, and floating bars that stay on the top or bottom of a page.

Moosend popup template

To build a popup, give it a name and choose from 11 templates available. Then hop on into the editor. 

popup form editor

Customize your signup form elements, like headings, text, forms, and buttons. Change their colors, padding or layout style. You can’t add new elements, but you can delete the ones you don’t need.

It’s not a drag-and-drop editor, but it’s still simple to use. Preview your forms on desktop or mobile devices, and add visuals or fonts to make your form look exactly as you envision it. Once you’re happy with your form, choose appearance settings such as timing and frequency and you’re ready to publish.

Similarly, inline forms and floating bars have 11 templates each. You can edit them like popups. When your design is done, add conditional rules to choose when and where to show your form. Create conditional rules using:

  • URLs
  • Cookies
  • Device type
  • Country 
  • Or operating system

With Moosend’s 3 types of forms, varied customization options, and conditional rules create forms that drive conversions and are easy to create.

Convert web visitors with landing pages

Moosend makes landing page creation easy. The template designs match the email designs and the landing page editor looks and works the same as the email builder. 

To start converting website visitors, give your landing page a name, favicon, title, and an SEO description. This description is what will appear below your page title if your page appears in Google search results. 

Then choose from 39 templates and start designing your landing page. 

Moosend landing page template designs

Add forms, videos, custom HTML, custom layouts, and more to make your landing page engaging. 

Moosend landing page editor

Browse your design history to see old versions and switch back to a previous design, and even add comments to different elements on the page.

Moosend makes it easy to share your landing page on social media. Give your post a headline, description and add an image to share. 

settings to share landing page on social media

Finally, set up conversion tracking and choose if a click or a form submission counts as a conversion. You can connect your landing page with Facebook or Google Analytics to track and measure results. And then you’re good to go.

Save time with automation workflows

Moosend stands out with its marketing automation. It’s easy to use but also powerful. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you’ll love what it can do for you.

Want to create an automation workflow? Just pick a trigger. That’s what your customer needs to do to join the automation. For example, they open an email, sign up for a list, or visit a certain page. Moosend has 32 triggers to choose from.

trigger automation options in Moosend

The automation editor is well-designed, visually attractive, and it’s clear to see what’s happening in the sequence. 

Next, you can segment subscribers with conditions. You can split the flow, add some pauses, or use if/else logic.

subscriber segmentation with conditions

Choose from 11 action options that include sending them emails, removing tags or sending internal notifications. You can see your automation visually, with all steps color coded.

Moosend automation workflow editor

You’ll know exactly what each step does, if it’s a filter, trigger, or action, and every workflow template comes with a summary that explains what the whole automation sequence will do. 

Once your automation steps are complete, you’ll save it as a ‘recipe’. Give it a description and choose what category it’s intended for. Then in the automation menu, you can track your customer’s journey with stats like the number of triggers, actions, opens, and clicks.

Who is Moosend for?

Although Moosend works for most business types. It’s especially suited for agencies, small businesses, SaaS companies, and publishers.


Agencies will find Moosend to be a reliable and cost-effective email marketing service. You can reduce your time and workload by automating marketing campaigns, and detailed reporting tools. With the option to add 10+ members to an account, and plans only starting from $9 a month, agencies can enjoy a team-centric experience with Moosend.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business, Moosend is your email marketing software. It’s easy to get started and learn how to use it. It offers email marketing tools and templates that match your business goals. It also lets you measure your campaign results with different options.

SaaS businesses

Moosend is a great option for SaaS companies. With integrations, automated campaigns, subscription forms, and templates suited to SaaS businesses, you’ll find that Moosend is a great email marketing partner for your SaaS company.


Moosend is an excellent choice for publishers and bloggers. You can segment your audience based on their profile and preferences and send them personalized email campaigns. Use Moosend to grow your email list, engage your subscribers with relevant content, and monetize your blog with offers and promotions. Find out the best practices in our master guide to email marketing for bloggers. Moosend helps you save time and money on repetitive tasks by automating your email marketing process and providing you with stylish templates and easy-to-use tools.

What does Moosend Cost?

Moosend has a 30-day free trial and 2 paid plans: Pro and Enterprise. The Pro plan includes unlimited emails, comes with an SMTP server, and space for 5 team members. Looking for an SMTP server, check out our review of the best free SMTP servers.

Moosend pricing plans

This Pro plan starts at $9/month and goes up depending on your number of subscribers. Here’s what you can expect to pay:

  • $16/month for 1000 subscribers
  • $48/month for 5000 subscribers
  • $88/month for 10,000 subscribers

If you have more than 50k subscribers. Consider getting the enterprise plan. The price will be custom depending on your needs. The enterprise plan includes all the features from the Pro plan, and a dedicated account manager, IP, and 10+ team members for anyone who signs up.

Moosend discount

Ready to try out Moosend? You’ll be glad to know we’ve got a discount for you. 

Moosend offered an extra 10% discount for our readers. That’s on top of the 20% discount when paying per year. Senders with 100.000 or more contacts, also get some extra swag! (Coffee mug or T-Shirt)

Is Moosend free?

Moosend is free for 30 days. The free trial lets you try out all the core features of the software. These include:

  • Emails, forms, and landing page builder
  • Email templates and conditional content
  • Marketing automation builder with automation templates
  • Analytics and reports
  • Integrations and API access

Pros and Cons of using Moosend

What’s great about it

  • Same editor for landing pages and emails
  • Great value for money
  • Web tracking is a great addition to automation and analytics

What could be better

  • Lack of free plan

Final Thoughts: Should You Choose Moosend for Your Email Marketing Needs?

Moosend stands out for its value for money. It offers all core email marketing features you’ll find in other similar software without breaking the bank. It’s loaded with landing page templates, automation tools, segmentation tools, and Moosend templates for emails.

If you’re an agency or small business looking for a full email marketing tool, Moosend is the way to go. If you want to learn more about Moosend, check out this in-depth review that dives deep into all its features and advantages.

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