These Retailers reinvented their email marketing amid Coronavirus

Retail brands have been creatively responding through email marketing, here are 9 of the most inspirational email marketing examples that impressed us.

Many a marketing soothsayer has waxed lyrical about the need for brands to communicate differently amid COVID-19 whilst 1/5 of the world’s population is on lockdown.

This article isn’t going to remind you that the connection you make with your consumers today will help improve retention and loyalty. It also isn’t going to remind you that you should show empathy be useful (even if your products and services aren’t relevant right now).

You know these things already.

Brands have been using email marketing in an inspiring and creative way. That deserves to be showed. Here are 9 brands our consultancy team is loving right now.

1. Wolf & Badger

Subject line: Something Different | Podcasts, Live Events & Good News
Preview Line: Discover something new…

Recognising the changing needs of their recipients, Wolf & Badger have launched ‘Something Different’. They’ve launched a number of new initiatives to keep people entertained at home, seeking to bring ‘good news’ as a break from the current media outlook. They’ve also managed to seamlessly interweave relevant product recommendations throughout the content.

John Krasinski highlights some good news from around the world, including an interview with Steve Carell to mark the 15th anniversary of The Office (the American one). Some very welcome light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek celebrity content.

Wolf email example good news

Always remember that customer communication is stronger when you use multiple channels such as SMS, Video, Email, Podcasts, Social, etc. So give your customers to opportunity to engage through each of those that apply.

2.Pasta Evangelists

Subject line: 30% off | Looking for ways to pasta time…?
Preview Line: The team share their tips

Pasta Evangelists lead with a cheery pun to lighten the mood.
The email has a strong offer to incentivise recipients to buy, but they make this more considered and personalized with advice from their staff on how to keep the boredom at bay!

They’ve also set up a weekly cook-along to provide entertainment, education and a sense of community to their customers!

Email example pasta time

3.Rachel Jackson London

Subject line: WFH with team RJL ⚡
Preview Line: Our top tips…

Rachel Jackson London build product into top working from home tips from members of staff. Pulling in photos along with tips written in the staff’s own words helps build a much more personal connection with the brand.

“For me, music is the best antidote, fresh air a close second, and music outside the ultimate! I’m working on my laptop off a garden table, sunnies on and music blaring through the window. I work offline and go inside every hour to send / receive emails”

Racheljackson email newsletter example

4.American Giant

Subject line: An update from us
Really clear communication, updating their customers on the situation.
Whilst they’re no longer continuing production of their own lines, they’re keeping their customers in the loop and explaining why that’s not the case, and what they’re doing to help. Clear communication will certainly help improve retention and (emotional) loyalty.

All companies can help during this crisis in their own way, whether that is to show empathy in their communication,  manufacturing products our NHS needs, or keeping their customers entertained and occupied at home!

email example american giant


Subject line: Feeling stir crazy?
Preview Line: Creativity is the answer. | We can help.

RedBubble have reached out with a lighthearted, practical guide to keeping the boredom at bay doing quarantine. They’ve even created a self-care activity book for recipients to download!

Whilst not pushing sales, RedBubble use the opportunity to nurture and build relationships with their readers – reinforcing their core belief: ‘Redbubble believes that art has power. So keep being creative, positive, calm, and cheerful for yourselves and for each other.’


Subject line: We’re here to (try) and put a smile on your face
Preview Line: This month we’re getting out in the garden, enjoying a calming cuppa and more…

Joules have found a great balance here between being sales led and nurturing customers. Though they’ve nodded to the current crisis to show empathy and understanding, their choice to keep the tone and content of this email light and breezy gives recipients a much needed break from the dramatic tone of many of the emails flooding our inboxes right now.
‘IT may not be the spring we expected, but we’re here to put a smile on your faces’

email newsletter example


Subject line: Dealing with stressful times
Preview Line: Health routines, calming scents & more

Rituals very clearly set expectations with customers around how and why their comms will be changing, and how often they’ll be sending them – so they know when to look our in their inboxes! This email provides practical advice and tips, along with product features.

Rituals email marketing newsletter example

8.Neal’s Yard Remedies

Subject line: A helping hand in difficult times…
Preview Line: Organic and natural hand care for you and your loved ones

Neal’s Yard Remedies have responded quickly to the current situation and nations needs. Whilst being a sales led email, they have taken care to soften their tone – leading with empathy and understanding and offering advice on how to stay safe!

Neals Yard email newsletter example

9. American Apperal

Subject line: Gildan to start producing personal protective equipment to help slow the spread of COVID-19

10.Currys PC World

Subject lines: Keep the kids busy while you’re all at home & Make staying in touch easier

Currys PC World have taken a more personal approach with their sales emails, helping with  solution to isolation. We know that WFH (working form home) or remote working can be challenging with kids. Currys does a good, while still highlighting products, they tie the content together in the hero image with important messages that everyone can relate to;

‘Make the most of time together’ ‘Stay connected with loved ones’

Currys email newsletter example

I’m really pleased to see how many brands have proven their ability to be agile and creative at the time of a crisis. Whilst many other marketing mediums become obsolete due to consumers not being able to leave their homes, email continues to be the lynchpin. It is one of the best ways in which to continue and strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer.

As we ease back out of the crisis marketers should continue to see email as not just a direct response mechanism. It plays an essential role in brand, customer engagement and setting the tone for the whole customer experience. Thank you email marketing for being always reliable, adaptable and continuously producing the results.

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