Relevant email marketing, just like Amazon [video]

In a first Google hangout by econsultancy email marketing experts Donald Parsons, who is the Director of Global Email at Amazon and Morgan Stewart, the CEO of Treadline Interactive came together. They talked about email marketing and how you can improve your email to be more relevant.

Take a few minutes to watch this whole video as it is loaded with great tips.

Takaways to get to more relevant Email marketing:

Some of the great takeaways you can find in this video.

  • Simple segmentation can turn everything on its’ head
  • It is amazing how often you are wrong and don’t get it right the first time
  • There aren’t enough marketers that are asking their subscribers what they want. (marketing is all about data now, we don’t talk to people! 😉 )
  • B2B is more responsive to direct transactional questions e.g. “Was this helpful?”
  • In B2B the recipient is often not the one you need to talk to
  • There is strong engagement in non-sales content like shipping confirmations
  • Use extra content by injecting your sales message in a how to use, branding or upcoming holiday content atop a sales message like a new product announcement
  • Optimize triggered messages like abandoned cart e-mails because the return conversion rate om those can be way high
  • One Testing homerun is in the data. If you can find the right moments of conversion there, you don’t have to spend tons and tons of time in other testing.
  • Attribution modelling output will give you back the assumptions in the model, so keep it very simple and open mind. Because it can steer you down the wrong path.
  • You can’t oversegment based on layering in personalization and personal data
  • Want to know the optimal word count? Be short and test. A little longer, a little longer and look at the drop-off points. Watch who drops off and drops in.
  • Today designing for mobile email is very important, on its’ way to most important

Jordie van Rijn

Jordie van Rijn is an independent email marketing consultant. He specializes in smart email marketing, event-driven campaigns and email tool selection. As a consultant, Jordie will help you get the most out of your email marketing efforts.