Lead scoring in email marketing

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Under today’s marketing umbrella, a majority of companies utilize some level of email promotion, but few seem to be doing it really well. For the most part, this is due to a lack of strategy and misguided expectations.

With so many competing digital marketing tools, it’s easy for email marketing to serve the simple purpose of your company’s monthly newsletter, without much thought behind effective communication. Read More


Outlook.com and what Email Marketers need to know about “the new hotmail”

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Microsoft changes from Hotmail to Outlook.com

With the introduction of Outlook.com, the windows live team replaces Hotmail with a new interface and functionality, and a new domain. As a former Hotmail user, I immediately migrated to Outlook.com to see Microsoft’s new email platform. The first thing that you notice is the super clean UI that’s minimalist in design and clearly aimed at touch friendly devices. Hotmail users are flocking to the new Outlook.com  But what do Email Marketers need to know about outlook.com, “the new hotmail”? Read More