The numbers behind email automation [infographic]

The numbers behind email automation [infographic]

By 9 February 2016 Articles 6 Comments

In the era of social media, content marketing and video, email doesn’t necessarily seem quite as fashionable as it used to. But make no mistake about it – it’s still an enormously potent addition to your marketing toolbox.

Top performing B2B marketers say it’s the single most effective tactic for lead nurturing, while the famous Experian statistic suggests that for every $1 spent by marketers on email, they yield an average of $44.25 in return.

And – if it wasn’t already effective enough – email marketing has become even more impactful over recent years with the development of email automation tools.

Modern users, after all, increasingly expect a tailored experience – one size doesn’t fit all, at least not anymore. So, whereas once upon a time, a blanket email to your database might have had the desired results, modern consumers need to see content that’s specifically based on their needs and circumstances.

Eye-catching statistics on email automation

Some of the most eye-catching data on email automation includes:

  • Marketers using automation software generate two times the leads than those using blast email software.
  • Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.
  • Automated emails get 119% higher click rates than broadcast emails.
  • Marketers that send relevant emails can produce 18 times more revenue than with broadcast emails.

Automation software empowers email marketers to serve up content that’s more targeted, more timely and more personalised – with very minimal effort and time expense. Users can be nurtured with content that’s relevant to their position in the buyer journey, related to their behaviour and tied to their user profile. You can send out birthday greetings, subscription renewal reminders, conversion offers and more.

Email Automation Data Infographic

The benefits of this approach are plain to see, and some of the most compelling stats on the subject have been compiled into the below infographic by Instiller, a white label email marketing solution for agencies.


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