Mobile email to overtake desktop email [Infographic]

You might know I love mobile email statistics. So when TJ sent over this Infografic about the mobile email open rates from the past 4 months, I took a good close look at it.

It is very interesting to see that based on the mobile email marketing statistics of their clients, they predict the overtake of mobile email over destop in just two months (March 2013).

The Mobile email Infographic is based on the data from over 25 of their clients from America and the United states. Different than other reports it doesn’t seperate webmail, making the trendline even clearer.

Here is what TJ said about the study and the results.

Email Opens on Mobile Devices Steadily Growing

Recently there have been many reports and theories written about email readership growth on mobile devices. Like all email marketing agencies should we are constantly monitoring consumer trends for our clients so we felt compelled to take a deeper look at our client’s customer behaviour to discover just where they’re opening their emails. For our study, we chose to analyze Open rate data across over 25 of our clients operating in Canada and the United States from September to December 2012. The goal of the study was to gain insight into preference and growth of Email Opens on mobile devices.

Overall, we analyzed millions of messages opened over the four month period noted above. Our data shows incremental growth month-over-month with over 40% of our client’s customers currently opening their emails on mobile devices, and it’s growing. Our highest overall Open rate average came in our Telco category with 46% mobile opens even though that percentage ended up -1% in December vs. September. The category showing the largest gain over the past four months was financial services with a 9% gain in Mobile Opens compared to Desktop.

Mobile email to overtake desktop email

Based on the trending data, we estimate that if the current growth in Mobile Opens continues we will see Mobile Opens eclipse Desktop as early as March 2013. Be sure to check back with us at the end of March as we will be releasing the second iteration of this study spanning January through to March. It will be interesting to see if and how the trend changes after the holiday season.

And here is the full Mobile email Infographic (click for bigger version)

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