10 Best Lead Magnet Templates to Generate Quality Leads

10 Best Lead Magnet Templates to Generate Quality Leads

Email campaigns are a classic marketing tool. Businesses invest in email marketing to build relationships with new and existing prospects. Knowing how to attract high-quality leads to your company email list and how to keep them subscribed is vital. 

But what makes a good lead magnet? And how can you make them? Well, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re looking for an eBook template or templates for checklists, we have something for you. This article covers 10 top lead magnet templates and what makes them so effective.

1. eBooks

Part of building a brand is thought leadership. Customers and other professionals want to work with companies leading an industry’s ideas. An eBook lead magnet is ideal for strategies that need a little more space than a Tweet or a post for LinkedIn or Instagram.

There are many eBook creation software tools out there. Using an editable eBook template means you can quickly and easily create a beautiful eBook.

Professional eBook template with blue accents

Professional eBook template with blue accents

You can get started with this simple yet eye-catching eBook template from Adobe Stock.

Dropped initial letters break up walls, while blue accents highlight other important information. Longform writing is key to eBooks, but that doesn’t mean it has to all be plain text.

This eBook template doesn’t overwhelm the text with visuals. It does use pops of color where needed. Think carefully about the fonts you choose when creating your eBook. They need to be clear and easy to read.

Adobe software like Illustrator works particularly well with Gmail. It makes it easy to send your customized eBook template. Use ‘Adobe Creative Cloud for Gmail’ add-on in Google Workspace to bring Creative Cloud files into Gmail messages.

Download this eBook template here

2. Checklists

If you want something more bitesize, look no further than a checklist. These are mini resources or worksheets to help your clients remember or include things. The checklist topic should be something your company has firsthand experience with. 

ZeroBounce offers its subscribers an email marketing checklist. As an email validation company,  it’s a relevant topic for their brand and targets a specific goal. 

Casual corporate app development checklist

Casual corporate app development checklist template for lead magnet

Creating a clear, high-quality checklist with templates like this one from Canva couldn’t be easier. There is also space for your company logo and email address. Strong branding is key to long-term customer relationships. 

The example checklist breaks the steps up into three phases to make the process clearer. Checklists like these offer structure to your prospective customer. They take a complex topic and break it down into easily manageable steps. It could even form part of a workbook or as a post on social media.

The checklist could be in PDF or image format (PNG). Include a link to the checklist in the email rather than embedding it directly into the body. Gmail often blocks images from unrecognized senders. Link them instead, so it’s less likely to be classed as spam, and your audience can download them.

Get this Canva template for free

3. Planners

Productivity and organization are two things people struggle with. Planners are brilliant lead magnets. They offer organization and productivity. And can help your audience with their goal-setting.

Planners can be as long as an eBook or a workbook or just one-page printable worksheets. Like with checklists, the planners you offer should tie into your expertise.

Simple work planner

Simple work planner made with Canva for lead magnet

Canva templates like this include four printables: a project planner, a meeting planner, a to-do list, and a work journal. It’s great for goal setting.

These editable planner sheets provide a standardized template for note-taking. They can be a great help during project planning and standup meetings.

Digital planner sheets make it easier to share notes across different resources. A commercial proposal that requires a project planning timeline. Simply copying it over from an existing planner sheet saves you from writing it out again.

One-page worksheets like these planners are perfect email lead magnets because of their small file size. 

Create a planner with this editable template today

4. Worksheets

Worksheets function like planners but with more scope for problem-solving and creative working. They include exercises that hone skills relevant to your business model. The subscriber can then apply what they’ve practiced using the worksheets to their problems. 

Project mind map worksheet

Project mind map worksheet template

Mind map layouts are a way to connect ideas visually. Using worksheet templates like this one shows how related ideas can be grouped to help project planning. 

This mind map template allows for much more horizontal thinking across different parts of the project. The different colors and simple fonts also make separate areas super clear.

Worksheets can also be used as a team-building tool. Colleagues can look at mind maps to understand each other’s thought processes and how they approach a project.

There is even the option to use a collection of different worksheet templates, such as a marketing report template that could later be combined to create a workbook. Send a different weekly worksheet to encourage your audience to opt in to your email list and collect the full set to create their workbook.

Worksheets are well suited to Gmail because of their small file size. Mind maps work best as large, high-quality PNGs, so the visuals stay sharp.

Access this template here to create your worksheets

5. Discounts

It might seem counterproductive, but offering discounts makes customers more likely to buy from you again.

Both retail and SaaS customers love a discount. If you operate sales quote software, you could offer 10% off their first quote via your company. It encourages potential customers to visit your landing page and make a purchase in a more direct way than using eBooks or worksheets.

Special discount template

Special discount canva template

Discount templates like this example contain all the necessary information. They use bold fonts to tell you how much the discount is worth, where you can use it, and how long it is valid. The deadline makes the lead magnet even more attractive because it adds a sense of urgency for your audience.

Percentage discounts like this are the most common type of discount, according to Shopify. They recommend that discounts of 15-25% are best for brands that already have high-profit margins.

In the automated email, you can attach the discount coupon and links to your ecommerce landing page. To avoid sending your email to the spam folder, use encrypted HTTPS links rather than insecure HTTP ones.

Use this Canva template to create your special discount

6. Infographics

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words. We say it’s worth a whole lot more than that! Infographics condense statistics and key advice into one handy image. It gives the audience the essentials of a topic at a glance. A good infographic represents information interestingly. Think beyond basic charts and diagrams!

It’s a way of conveying information more concisely and visually than using an eBook template. It can also be adapted as a post for social media channels to help you extend your reach.

Timeline circle infographic

Timeline circle infographic template

This infographic layout doesn’t sacrifice readability. You can even back up the information with statistics in the chart spaces.

The timeline format can be easily adapted to a step-by-step process or a classic timeline with dates.

The percentage circles are a particularly clever way to visualize data. It makes the percentage much easier to understand because it has the correct filled-in amount, not just the number. Make sure to use clear and easy-to-read fonts to have a stronger impact on your audience.

Infographics work best as high-quality PNG files. Link to the file rather than embedding the image in the email body, so Gmail doesn’t block it.

Check out this Canva template today to create your infographic

7. Statistics and charts

You don’t always need a full infographic. Sometimes just one high-quality chart will do the trick! As with other templates, they are great ways to encourage your audience to opt into your email list or service. As with eBooks, they help mark you as an authority in your field. Make sure to include your data sources if using secondary research.

Artistic charts and graphs social kit

Artistic charts and graphs social kit for lead magnet

Most businesses use a corporate, uninspiring style for their charts. This graph kit from Creative Market has an artsy handmade feel that would work perfectly for a more creative company.

The full kit includes a wide range of editable templates. No matter your platform, you can export the charts as high-quality images.

There are also templates optimized for different social media platforms. For lead magnets, you want to stick with PNG files or PDFs, but keep this in mind when scheduling social media posts for your next project.

Charts can be linked in an email, but raw statistics can go directly into the email body. This gives the audience both an image and a plain text version.

Create your next chart with templates from Creative Market

8. Video courses

Video courses aim to teach your audience something new. They build a brand’s reputation as a thought leader. An online course could cover the same content as an eBook but in a more engaging way.

You could also create workbooks to go alongside your video courses. Think about combining different worksheets into a single resource. This provides your audience with additional, engaging content that may encourage them to opt in to your course.

There are many specialist online course platforms. Other options include more mainstream websites like YouTube or LinkedIn Learning.

Share your specialist knowledge with your potential students! A legal advice company, for example, could do a video course about contract waivers. Viewers would learn how to navigate the contract and what small print to look out for. Again, creating a workbook to support the course is a great way to provide value to your audience.

video course template sample for lead generation

This template is for a time management training video, but it can be adapted to the topic of your choice. The slick transitions and minimalist slides make the course clear and easy to follow.

Video courses should be for something only your company can teach. That uniqueness will make it a much stronger lead magnet compared to a topic that already has a hundred YouTube tutorials.

Videos are a bit trickier to integrate into email formats. Most email marketing tools will create a linked image with your video thumbnail after you paste your video link. Or you can do this yourself. Remember to post it on your website too.

Edit this editable video template from Biteable

9. Quizzes 

Using a quiz as a lead magnet tells the subscriber that personalization is central to your business. Humans are inherently curious. We want to opt-in to discover what answer we’ll get. Quizzes also add an interactive gamified element missing from other lead magnet ideas.

Personalized product recommendation quiz

Personalized product recommendation lead magnet quiz

The lead magnet quiz needs to give information that encourages the user to opt in. This information will be personalized by the answers given by the user, offering a tailored online experience.

Templates such as the one for this quiz template help users find their skin type. From there you can promote products from your company that is best suited to them.

Quizzes also generate data, a great resource for future marketing campaigns. Typeform quizzes integrate with tools like Google Sheets and Salesforce to make analytics even easier.

Google Sheets integration is helpful if you use Gmail to contact your mailing list. Keeping everything in one family of web apps, such as Google Workspace, helps streamline your workflow.

Start creating quizzes with templates from Typeform

10. Newsletters 

Newsletters combine all the other lead magnet examples we’ve discussed. They’re long-form media, though shorter than an eBook or a workbook. They can include copy and images that act like a mini magazine for your company. They aren’t lead magnets. You already have their email. But are great for nurturing leads and making sure you stay in the customers’ minds.

Modern eCommerce email layouts

modern ecommerce email templates Beefree io builder editor

Beefree is one of the best drag-and-drop email template editors. It has 1200+ professional email templates for ecommerce, SaaS, fashion, travel, non-profits, and more. The editor is easy to use. You can resize images, adjust column widths, and access content blocks. 

An email campaign is a good opportunity to show off your brand’s unique voice. Including reviews, for example, adds a personal opinion to a larger company that can seem faceless. HelloSign or DocuSign could include this HelloSign vs DocuSign comparison to show how they face off with the competition.

It strikes a great middle-ground for your subscribers as it offers more detail than an infographic, but it’s easier to digest than an eBook.

Newsletters are perfect if you use Gmail. You could also include links to other content you’ve created, like a workbook or ebook on a topic that features in your newsletter.

Create your newsletter with templates from Beefree

Wrapping up lead magnet templates

When it comes to lead magnet templates, there’s no shortage of choice. Here we’ve found the templates to customize immediately to encourage your subscribers to opt into your email list. Branding is vital to any email campaign. Any lead magnet should reflect your company’s expertise and values.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lead magnet relies heavily on visual content. Specialist software such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop lets you create high-quality images and stylized text.

Both software has the tools to make content from scratch or with templates from their galleries. We recommend a template for your first time.

Since Canva has a free version available, Canva templates may be a better choice for a business on a tight budget.

Lead magnets give people an incentive to opt in to your mailing list. This means they’ll receive your email marketing campaigns. Customers want you to give them something first before they engage with you further. Lead magnets are free bonuses in exchange for signing up to your mailing list.

Lead magnets should be placed anywhere your company has a presence! Your landing page, website, social media accounts, and adverts can all be hosts for lead magnets.

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