How to get more Amazon Reviews in 2024 (9 White Hat & 4 Black Hat Methods)

More than 90% of customer read reviews before purchasing a product. Those who write product reviews are the gatekeepers of eCommerce. If you want to get Amazon reviews, you need an engagement strategy. 

Why is it important to get Amazon reviews?

Shoppers that read reviews often aren’t very familiar with a brand or product and like more information before feeling confident to make a purchase. Reviews are great to add that social proof. Especially for high-end goods like luxury items or tech products, colothes, and functional goods like appliances and electronics.

Most reviews give shoppers a product perspective without the sales spin. Shoppers gather info that helps them make a more confident and informed purchase. Like how easy it was to use, if it is the right size, what the quality is, etc. For sellers it is super important to get great reviews. This will boost sales and reduce returns.

But how to get Amazon reviews? The answer to this question is in the nine methods below.

9 White Hat Methods To Get Amazon Reviews

“White Hat” techniques are techniques where the customer leaves feedback naturally. It isn’t pushy; it is just encouraging. Here are the nine best methods you can use for positive feedback:

White Hat Method #1: Include a Product Insert

If you want to get people to write reviews for your products, you need to ask. One of the most effective ways to ask for customer feedback is right in the product packaging. 

amazon review product Insert request

Product inserts that thank the customer for their purchase and make a review request can be incredibly effective. People will appreciate that you thought of them, increasing your chance of a product review. 

However, it is important not to participate in review manipulation. This style of manipulation discourages people from leaving bad reviews. It also does the opposite: encouraging positive reviews.

With direct customer messaging, you can only generically request a review. Also, be sure not to include any discount codes with this request. Amazon sees this as incentivizing reviews.

White Hat Method #2: Use The Request a Review Button

Buyers often will not want to leave reviews, given the inconvenience. However, a customized message through the request a review button simplifies that request. 

How To Use Amazons Request a Review Button

It is Amazon’s recommended method for requesting honest reviews. You can find this review request button under the Order Details page. 

It also makes an Amazon seller feedback request, providing you potential customer response on two fronts. Remember that seller feedback is different from product feedback (or in-product feedback for digital and SaaS products).

White Hat Method #3: Send Personalized Review Requests via Email

It is easy for Amazon sellers to underestimate the value of email. Whether email marketing or getting your first five-star review, transactional and order confirmations emails can be a handy tool using the proper format. 

Personalized review requests have the highest potential for impact. You should create a series of emails to your first customers, thanking them for the purchase.

As your customer count increases, you can create a series of email templates to save time. Test them out on customer batches to see their effectiveness and stick with the template gaining the most five-star reviews.

White Hat Method #4: Request Reviews from Those Who Have Left Seller Feedback

Amazon reviews Seller Feedback

Many buyers assume seller feedback and product reviews are the same things. They aren’t. Seller feedback refers to how quickly the products are shipped and the quality of packaging. Product reviews refer to the customer experience in using the new product. 

When you have few reviews and a lot of feedback, it means your customers are confused. Send them a message via buyer-seller messaging to ask about this situation and possibly encourage more Amazon product reviews. 

The first step to getting anything is asking.

White Method #5: Offer Product Discounts and Promotions To Encourage Sales

Amazon Deals amazon review

The more people who buy from your Amazon store, the more you sell on Amazon, and the more online reviews you can get. Use these Amazon Advertising features to encourage your initial reviews. This works well with Introduction offer / Freemium clients as well, and you can offer an feature unlock on software or services and get word-of-mouth engine that working overtime.

Seller Central has an advertising tab meant to help you gain exposure. Promotions, lightning deals, and coupons are all excellent ways to gain exposure. 

If you have an off-site presence, you can share those coupon codes and encourage reviews on Amazon. However, be careful not to offer discounts in exchange for reviews, as that’s against Amazon’s Terms of Service. 

White Hat Method #6: Use The Amazon Vine Program Under Amazon Advertising

The Amazon Early Reviewer Program ended earlier this year; it effectively got early reviews. The Amazon Vine Review Program is the closest secondary option. 

Vine reviews (opposed to early reviews) are a group of high-quality reviewers selected by Amazon. For products to be eligible for Vine Reviews, follow these suggestions:

  • Part of the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Fewer than 30 reviews on your product page.
  • Your product needs to be FBA ready.
  • It needs to be New.
  • It needs an image and a description.
  • Your product needs to be available.
  • Your product should not require bundling with other products to work.

White Hat Method #7: Drive Loyalty As a Member of the Amazon Brand Registry

Members of the Amazon Brand Registry are some of the few who understand the importance of brand loyalty. This group also has access to some “free tools” that help them get reviews fast. 

Amazon Brand Registry

Some of the tools include:

  • The Brand Analytics Dashboard.
  • Access to an Amazon storefront.
  • The ability to have brand followers on Amazon.
  • The ability to use brand-centric advertising.

Brand owners also have a better chance to establish a social media presence. Selecting brand recognition and loyalty as an Amazon seller enables you more consistent reviews. 

White Hat Method #8: Create Social Media Accounts Where You Can Ask for Reviews

Many of your past reviews may have come from a good position and strategy. But having to start from scratch with each new product is foolish.

Amazon isn’t keen on allowing sellers to establish customer relationships quickly. However, you can encourage people to follow you on social media with product inserts. 

Sellers cannot use Buyer-seller messaging to do anything beyond checking in regarding customer experience. This tool is handy when requesting simple feedback, but not for much else. 

A social presence can link to your website. So tell people to follow you on social media through product packaging. After that, tell people on social media to subscribe to your newsletter

White Hat Method #9: Create a Quality Product if You Want a Positive Review

Quality products = more sales = more reviews. The best way to prevent negative feedback is by being good. Positive feedback means good customer service and products.

A product insert requesting a review when your product is trash won’t lead to a good review. This process starts with regular quality checks on your product. 

Perform rigorous testing and pay attention to the feedback on your seller account. Reviews are never a personal attack. Instead, negative reviews are an opportunity to grow. 

As a new seller, you should know that satisfied customers are heard customers. If you ignore feedback, you are neglecting your most significant opportunity. 

If you are looking for more tips on how to start an Amazon business, read here.

Four Black Hat Ways To Get Amazon Reviews (Positive Reviews)

“Black Hat” strategies involve using manipulation tactics and fake reviews to get what you want. Here are the most prominent black hat methods you should avoid. 

Black Hat Method #1: Buy Fake Reviews for Your Amazon Listing

If you want to get Amazon reviews, honest reviews are what you want. Fake reviews are your alternative, and you want nothing to do with them. 

buy amazon verified reviews

Many black hat services will load your product listings with fake reviews. These reviews can initially get a considerable advantage over your competitors. 

Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy on these reviews because they skew customer perception. Even if you know your product is excellent, it won’t matter if the review is fake.

If you pursue this option anyway, Amazon will ban your account. This decision closes down a potential revenue stream immediately. 

Black Hat Method #2: Incentivize Reviews With Free Products, Gift Cards, or Extended Warranties

Incentivized reviews are reviews in exchange for a free product. This product can be an extended warranty, gift cards, or anything else. 

Amazon has no tolerance for this strategy as well, often banning the culprits. Amazon sees this as review manipulation, skewing the public perception.

After all, when you give away free stuff, Amazon users feel inclined to leave positive reviews. While this sounds good on paper, it also isn’t accurate. 

A product’s success should come from its performance, not its giveaways. 

Black Hat Method #3: Discourage Negative Reviews Through Personal Messaging

When you contact buyers about your product, it’s normal to check in. If you find their experience is poor, it’s an opportunity to fix the problem. 

1 Star Amazon Reviews

However, pressuring Amazon customers into not leaving negative feedback is against the TOS. Again, this is because Amazon wants real experiences. 

Reminding the customer that you are a “family-owned” business before the review is one example. Some sellers are so bold as to encourage buyers to contact them personally over leaving beyond a review. 

While you can check in with your customer, you cannot discourage them from leaving a review. 

Black Hat Method #4: Request More Reviews (But Only The Positive Ones)

When you ask for your first review, you might want to request a positive review as an Amazon business. Amazon sees this as another form of review manipulation. 

Asking for positive reviews is seen as a method of discouraging negative reviews. If your top reviewers are all positive and your buyer-seller messaging app is actively used, you might have an investigation. 

If you have more customers who left negative reviews over positive ones, your issue isn’t the product review. Instead, it’s likely an issue with your product. 

Wrap Up – Final Tips on Effectively Getting Amazon Reviews

While the early reviewer program is gone, there are still plenty of legitimate ways to request reviews. Most often, it’s a simple manner of asking, thankfully. After all, someone is taking the time out of their day to give you helpful feedback. 

If you want to get reviews on Amazon, here’s a quick wrap up of everything you need to know:

  1. A product insert is a great way to thank your customer and ask for a review.
  2. Use personalized email to let customers know that they are appreciated.
  3. Create a brand on Amazon to drive brand loyalty and awareness.
  4. Use social media to connect directly with your audience.
  5. Encourage customers to leave reviews, but don’t specify positive or negative.
  6. Use the Amazon Vine Program to drive your first few reviews.
  7. Don’t buy fake reviews or use other black hat methods.

Eli Wayne Smith

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