Email Builder battles it out with HTML Coding – old school arcade style [video]

Isn’t it great when you have the opportunity to try before you buy? Whether this is test driving a new car or playing a new video game before you actually purchase it, having the ability to have a play around first gives you the peace of mind that you are making the right decision.

Some ESP’s allow you to do just this, letting you create a free account and experience using their tool. Perhaps you want to discover the benefits of using an Email Builder over HTML coding, or maybe you’d like to compare it to an existing solution, the ability to create a free account is a great way for you to play around before signing any details.

Email Builder versus HTML Coding

Some of the team at Emailcenter rounded up some employees, and with the help of local video production company J-Motion, created a video to highlight some of the benefits of using an Email Builder by seeing how it fairs in a battle to create an email against HTML coding. Taking the approach of an old school video arcade game, the Email Builder takes on a coder through 3 rounds, adding features such as Social Media Components and Dynamic Content. The full video can be seen below.

Benefits of an Email Builder

As you may well be aware, many Email Service Providers have an Email Builder which can be used as an alternative to HTML coding. Perhaps you don’t have the knowledge in house or you are spending too much time manually coding your emails and have realised that the same outcome can be produced through using one of the best drag and drop Email Template Builders. So what are the benefits of an Email Builder over HTML coding?

Save time

First of all, time and ease. Time is a precious commodity to email marketers, and using drag and drop functionality is a much quicker, less fiddly method than working in HTML. With a selection of pre-built templates and flexible layout components, you can craft an email marketing campaign much quicker.

Mobile version of your email

Furthermore, the more sophisticated builders produce a mobile version of your email automatically with the ability to adjust the layout, stack and unstack content and hide any unwanted text or images that may not be suitable for mobile viewing. And with the continuous rise in the number of emails being opened on mobile devices, it’s becoming increasingly important to optimise for mobile.

More email builder features

Some Email Builder’s aren’t lacking in features either, providing users with the ability to apply dynamic content, social newsfeeds and personalisation to their campaigns – all through simple drag and drop functionality, making Email Builders a very powerful and useful tool for the modern day marketer.