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How to Build a Professional & Skills-rich Digital Marketing Resume

Digital marketing is one of the most powerful business tools of our time. There is a huge demand for virtual marketers who can develop, execute, and manage marketing campaigns.  But there is also a severe competition. 

If you pursue a career in this field, prepare a resume that stands out. 

Highlight your competence, talents, and capabilities. No matter if you are a novice or a pro, make every word count. Design a professional resume that sets you apart from the crowd. This article will be very helpful for such Virtual Assistants who are looking his/her new job. Do you know what is a virtual assistant(VA)? They can act as office managers, they can provide you with digital marketing support and you don’t need their presence for all that, they don’t need physical access to your premises or documents, as long as everything is filed digitally. Follow this guide by Email Audience with proven tips to create an exceptional digital marketing resume.

Digital Marketing Resume Template

Recruiters face hundreds of similar-looking resumes each day. This routine often wears them out. Trust us – decision-makers notice!  That’s why formatting is key to success. Even if your experience is not suitable for the role, the right resume format makes a big difference. 

A strong Digital Marketing resume shows you have put effort into building your workplace communication skills. Research different templates and choose one that suits your personality and professional profile. 

Here are some design tips for a noticeable marketing resume:

  • Colors matter just as for email psychology as for recruitment. Use colors smart. Keep the main black and add a touch of your chosen palette to highlight important data. Keep info nice and clear. 
  • Use of fonts: Different fonts enhance readability and the general look of your resume. Choose suitable fonts for the headings and the body text. Stay away from combining over 2 if you don’t have experience or help. 
  • One or two-column design: Using two columns lets you put more information on a single page. It’s easy to read and looks sharp. Print magazines use this design. Single-page resumes, on the other hand, have a tighter and straight-to-the point feeling. 

Format your resume according to the job position pursued. If you want a career in content marketing, show your creative talents in the resume. If you are applying for an SEO specialist or data analyst position, keep a sharp and concise layout. Choose the most suitable format that works in your favor. 

It is important to have your resume be up-to-date and closeby. That’s why you should build and pimp a unique resume!

Add Stats and Figures

Hard facts and figures are vital for a digital marketing resume. Recruiters want to see your “hands-on-the-job” achievements. Highlight your marketing accomplishments in previous roles and include the stats but stay alert on common resume hinders such as confuse these with duties.

Here is a list of key points to include:

  • Increase in organic traffic with link building and SEO optimization;
  • Engaging and viral social media campaigns; 
  • Email marketing: growth in subscribers, increases in email, open rates conversions, lead nurturing, A/B testing;
  • Increase in mobile commerce sales;
  • Landing page optimization
  • Reduced the cost per action or cost per acquisition.

Include numbers, percentages, and amounts. They stand out from the other text in your resume and show recruiters the results-oriented spirit. 

Digital Marketing Resume Objectives

If you’re not into a cover letter, write a brief and precise summary statement. Tell recruiters who you are and what is your digital marketing background. Impress them with your writing skills. Show that you can advertise products or services by first advertising yourself. A resume is much different than an interview where you can prepare for questions.

Tailor the summary according to the specific job role. Avoid saying how good you are in general, but stress on how good you are for the position at hand.. 

Digital Marketing Specialist with 10+ years of experience in Brand Management and Digital Public Relations. Implemented online marketing strategies, managed SEO activities, and maintained virtual business relations through various channels. Increased organic revenue by 65% in 12 months through social media campaigns and email marketing. 

Add Links to Your Work

That’s vital. 

Whatever you say in your resume means nothing to recruiters if you don’t support it with real-time data. Add links to social platforms, blogs, web pages, and portfolios to justify your competence. Always include your contact details so potential employers/clients can reach you even if you did not apply for a particular role. 

Here is what to put in your resume:

  • Link to your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your page looks stellar and you have enough connections.
  • A digital portfolio (great for freelancing and creative jobs);
  • Link to your personal blog; 
  • Link to your company’s blog if you take part in it;
  • List your social media profiles. Include Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Maintain professional profiles that are relevant to your career field. 
  • Written content: articles, press releases, publications, case studies, brand messaging.

No matter if you are applying for a copywriter position or a social media administrator, add links to present your work to recruiters.

Work Experience in the Digital Field

  • Focus on results. 
  • Center your work experience around the results you achieved. 
  • Don’t list your job responsibilities but rather pinpoint the impact of your work.
  • Leave modesty behind, include metrics and specifics. 


  • Increased organic traffic by 86% by implementing link building strategies. 
  • Increased total sales by 55%.
  • Led a team of 3 copywriters to deliver 9 articles per week and publish daily blog updates. 
  • Gained 100k page views in 5 months.
  • Mobile traffic growth by 38% in 3 months.

Entry-level digital marketing resume

Don’t be afraid if you are a beginner without prior experience. After all, every pro used to be a novice. Highlight your skills and qualities. Create a resume that reflects your self-motivation. This is a vital interpersonal skill each marketer should have. 

Use a functional resume format. Include your certifications, training, side projects, volunteering work, and personal marketing strategies. Send a convincing proposal cover letter alongside your resume to add a rather personal and soft tint to your hard skills.

Digital marketing specialist resume

If you have years of digital marketing experience, use a reverse chronological resume format. This style highlights your broad work experience and achievements. 

Avoid this format if you are a seasoned digital marketer with vast experience or if you have lots of projects and freelance work. It makes your resume look messy and hard to read. The most suitable format to include lots of information is the hybrid resume. 

Digital marketing manager resume

Emphasize your managerial potential in the resume summary. Stress on your biggest achievements and competence. Include the skills and qualifications relevant to the job. Use strong action verbs and keywords. It’s vital to show your best assets in a brief and precise statement. 

Use a reverse-chronological format for your managerial resume to highlight your expertise.


A degree in MBA, Marketing and Finance, Mass Communications, or Public Relations and a course in negotiation skills is a big plus for a digital marketer.  

Include your education but don’t get into big details unless you are a fresher with a strong educational background but no experience. 

If you don’t have a degree, highlight your competence with training and certifications such as: 

Digital marketing is fast-paced and undergoes rapid changes. Recruiters praise recent qualifications more than a degree you took years back.

Digital Marketing Resume Skills

List skills relevant to the marketing field. Some employers use pre-screening software or an applicant tracking system to sort and review the applications. Include keywords to increase your chances with the bot. Read the job description and requirements thoroughly and list skills that relate to the advertised position.

If your resume makes it to the recruiters, here are 3 principal things they want to see:

  • Expertise in particular channels/techniques: PPC, lead generation, marketing analytics, content creation, email marketing, lead nurturing, public speaking, social media marketing, web design, mobile marketing, data analytics, etc. 
  • Proficiency in specific tools/software platforms: SEO tools, PPC platforms, CRM tools, MailChimp, AdRoll, Photoshop, Google AdWords, etc. 
  • Knowledge of coding languages and operating systems: If you know programming languages, list them in your resume. Even if it is the basic HTML. Include the operating systems that you can work with. 

Other Sections

Dedicate sections for your interests or volunteering experience. Show potential employers that you are a well versed and talented person. 

Make your interests work in your favor.

Volunteer in a homeless animal rescue team. Organized a campaign that helped find shelter for 10 puppies. Raised 1000$ from crowdfunding to support team operations. 

Put this experience in your resume. It reflects your sense of social responsibility, humanity, and of course, marketing abilities. Include facts and numbers, too. Show the results from your endeavors.  

Keep It to a Single Page

Fit your resume content into one page. Recruiters praise short but accurate applications. 

Here is how to achieve it:

  • Use a two-column design;
  • Skip writing your entire job history. List only your last three to four jobs, or only those which apply to the position you pursue;
  • Summarize each role to three bullet points;
  • Use a small font size but no smaller than 10 pt. 


Good marketers can sell a fridge to an Eskimo. Even if you aren’t ready to send your 30 day notice just yet, do the same with your resume. Use it as a platform to showcase your marketing talent as your digital portfolio. Impress screening machines and recruiters with a professional, tailored to perfection resume. And of course, make sure to wrap it up with a well-polished signature when emailed.

Thus said we wish you best of luck. Follow the steps listed above for a job-winning digital marketing resume. 

Dimitar Karamarinov

Dimitar Karamarinov is an award-winning digital multi-instrumentalist of background and skill in a wide range of digital mediums and multimedia starting as early as 2006. With over a decade of experience in audio, graphic, and motion design, along with various forms of business and communication, he gains experience with Entrepreneur Franchise top 500, Inc 5000, and multi-continent companies, along with various charity initiatives under his belt.