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7 best landing pages design types and examples

Landing pages are crucial for your marketing strategy to work. Whether you have an ecommerce store, SaaS company, B2B or B2C, having high-converting landing pages pays off.

In this article we’ll look at each type of landing page with examples and tips and end with a section how to pick the right landing page type . Before we move on to the landing page examples,  let’s look at benefits of a great landing page:

5 Benefits of a great landing page:

  1. Make a good first impression
  2. Sell more products & services
  3. Filter out unqualified leads
  4. Easier campaign measurement
  5. More return on your advertising and incresed search traffic

If your marketing automation tool or website doesn’t allow you to create or A/B test landing pages, these is still no excuse as you can always use a specialized landing page builder tool, that is created for the purpose of building highly effective landing pages.

Let’s look at each type of landing page with example and tips.

1. Squeeze Page – an email capture landing page

Use when: You want to collect a prospect’s email address.

Squeeze pages work with the sole aim of collecting the prospect’s email address. When a subscriber shares his or her email address, you must send out drip emails to nurture them and keep them engaged. These pages promote gated content like a whitepaper, ebook, or any other content resource.

Bear in mind that your CTA should be compelling enough to prompt the user to provide their email address. These landing pages often work as lead capture pages.

Take a look at this landing page by NetApp that has a short and sweet landing page not asking much more than an email address.  

landing page example netapp

5 tips to create an impressive squeeze page

  • Use plenty of white space and avoid any clutter.
  • Have an impressive offer with a catchy headline.
  • Include an actionable CTA
  • Get the opt-in / data processing message right
  • Add testimonials or social proof, if needed. However, make sure that there are least distractions on the page.

Important to keep in mind when selecting a wordpress landing page tool is how you want your pages to look and if it has A/B testing options. Also, you will need to speed up WordPress, improve content, and add appealing visual elements.

2. Lead generation landing page

Lead generation landing pages are web pages that allow the reader to convey that they want your services. These pages collect subscriber information and contact details.

Often with an incentive or “bribe”. For instance: If a prospect downloads an ebook “A guide to using the right visuals in landing pages”, they want to know more about it. Once you have their email address, you will be able to send them relevant marketing emails based on the ebook they downloaded. 

Use when: You want to capture leads and potential clients for further follow up.

Unlike a squeeze page, lead generation landing pages tend to have longer forms. It helps to collect the basic details like name, email and company name. But the additional details and preferences allow to tailor follow up flow, apply segmentation, personalization and score leads. 

landing page segmentation AB tasty

Here’s an example of a Lead generation landing page by AB Tasty. Once you click on “REQUEST A DEMO”, they take you to a landing page that asks you whether you are from the marketing team or product team. Then modifies the copy besides the form.

The form fields remain unchanged. Adding such interactivity to the landing page enhances the engagement of the visitor and encourages him or her to offer the information.  

5 tips to create a high converting Lead generation landing page

  • Use bullet points or arrows to make your landing page copy easy to scan through. 
  • Tell a compelling story with the help of relevant visuals to add a human touch to the landing page. 
  • Include testimonials and social proof that work as validation for your clients. 
  • Prompt the users to click-through with an actionable CTA. It should be in a contrasting color so that it instantly draws the visitor’s attention. 
  • Add a live chat feature on your landing pages. Doing so helps subscribers resolve their concerns right away.

Because landingpages are such an important part of your site, always include them in website planning and website design considerations.

3. Email Landing Pages –  landing pages to go together with your emails

Use When: You want to get more newsletter subscribers, or start an email sequence.

Email and Landing pages belong together. You can make your own landing pages, or use any landing page builder or your website CMS to create these as long as it has an integration with your database.

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing software for small businesses. If your email marketing pick is Mailchimp (or similar software), they have a basic landing page builder and some templates to choose from, which are editable and mobile-responsive.

As long as you’d track the conversion, the landing pages allow you to trigger automated marketing communications and follow up emails.

With email, we think of a newsletter signup page. Like this example from the Skimm dailty newsletter. They have a clear and attractive headline on the page. Keep it short and even show an example email on their landing page, to give a taste.

email newsletter sign up landing page

5 tips to create a high converting Newsletter signup page

  • Highlight what they will be getting from the newsletter (WIIFT)
  • Keep the design minimal and text length short
  • Offer an incentive for signup
  • Set expectations about the frequency (daily, weekly) or include a visual of an example. 
  • Follow up immediately with a welcome email, and get some first user engagement

4. Ebook Landing Page – exchange contact details for your eBook

Use when: You want people to download your gated ebook or giveaway in return for prospect info.

Ebook landing pages are made to give people access to your resource. This can be a full eBook or variations like a whitepaper.

eBooks are great to filter out the first batch of irrelevant leads based on the topic. By making it gated content you make sure only people that have an interest and willing  to take the small friction to fill the form, will download.

eBooks nurture leads and can move them further in the sales funnel.

Take a look at the landing page example by Salesforce in which they have tried to boost their authority by highlighting their handbook and persuading the audience to offer their information by writing a powerful copy.    

landingpage example salesforce

5 tips to create a high converting Ebook Landing Page

  • Include an appealing image of the ebook cover
  • Highlight the benefits of downloading the ebook
  • Have a short description of the ebook and the topic
  • Ask for relevant information only in the  download forms
  • If appropriate, add trust marks or logos as social proof. 

5. Ecommerce Landing Page – convert traffic, not your whole site

Ecommerce merchants want to lure traffic to their site. And often a specific product or  offer works best. So they send out an email, run paid ads, retarget or promote their products on social media and direct the user to a page on their website.

But sending them to the homepage or category page can be frustrating as visitors would have to navigate through the entire website to find that one product or offer. Consequently, it hampers the overall ecommerce conversion rates.

A good idea is to have standalone landing pages to highlight your product or services. Facilitate decision making as the customers don’t have any other options in front of them and the site is clean without any clutter. 

Additionally, targeted traffic can be guided to landing pages for specific segments and shown what is important to them! If you have an ecommerce store high-converting landing pages pays off.

boxyluxe landing page examples

BOXYLUXE has a special ecommerce landing page to get leads who are interested to know more about their luxury brand and sign up before the launch on a waiting list. This is an smart way to start promoting before the product is launched, then use ecommerce email marketing list to sell to a prequalified and interested audience.

5 tips to create a high converting Ecommerce Landing Page 

  • Determine the right target audience for your products.
  • Deliver value to the visitor in a way that persuades them to buy from you.
  • Stick to the 3-second rule and do not overwhelm the visitor with too much information.
  • Try to offer a personalized experience to the visitors by using behavioral marketing.
  • Have a single CTA that lets the customers know the action they should take.

6. Product Landing Page

A Click-through landing page is a buffer before redirecting a visitor to the shopping cart page or event registration. This landing page has all the information needed for the reader to make the next step and make a final purchase. It shows the offer, eliminates objections and increases conversion. So the user must get redirected to this page before the final purchase page.

Use when: You want to sell and promote a specific product

It is imperative for product landing pages to follow the “Show, don’t tell” principle. Your visitors have a short attention span. So, what you should do is create a great visual impact on your product landing page and showcase your product in the best possible way.

Take a look at this product landing page for Square credit card readers. It informs the visitor about each minute detail related to the product with attractive visuals and powerful CTAs. 

landing page example square

5 tips to create a high converting Product Landing Page

  • Use high-resolution images with a clean background and no clutter.
  • Let the users zoom in on your products or check out the product in 360-degree vision.  
  • Include customer reviews to encourage people to make the purchase decision.
  • Let the user add the product to their wishlist.
  • Add the feature of live chat transcripts to help the user with any questions. 

7. Online course or 7-day challenge landing pages

Use when: you want to stimulate people to sign up for your online course (Free or Paid).

Online Courses are very popular as a method for sharing your knowledge. They come in different forms:

  • Paid courses as a way to capitalize on your knowledge or for instance
  • Instructional courses as onboarding for new customers.
  • 7 day challenge or Short 101 courses to generate leads.

Whatever the type of course, you want a landing page that triggers the online course subscription and an automated sequence like an X-day challenge or an email course.

Here is a landing page example from Thinkific, the experts themselves. Thanks Caroline Ramsay for pointing this one out! The cool thing about this online course landing page is the second step that asks for more information on the industry, challenges etc allowing for more personalisation in the follow up sequence. 

Thinkific online course landingpages example

5 tips to create high converting Online course landing pages

  • Lead with the transformational change / problem you solve in the headline
  • Ask additional questions about the industry or person to segment your emails
  • Remove distractions and your website navigation
  • Add testimonials from other students that have gone through the course and the results they have achieved. 
  • Start an automated daily sequence to follow up. 

You could put together an online course with your own website, youtube, quiz software, landing page tools etc. But some of the best online course platforms combine all these features and package them smoothly, so it is way easy to launch your course. (and set up landing pages for them). Here are some additional tips for free webinars from Uteach.

Bonus: Innovative Landing Pages – something they haven’t seen before

Use when: You want to impress your visitors, show you are an innovative brand and bedazzle them 😀

There are some brands that go a step ahead and use the power of storytelling in their landing pages. Whether you view it as an individual page or as a continuation from its email, both have a metaphor and story in them.

Moo sets an awesome example of how to tell a story through an interactive email and landing page.

moo innovative email landing page

They send out an email that shows an animated toaster accompanied with the CTA “PUSH THE LEVER”. It surely piques the interest of the subscribers and tempts them to click through it. 

Once they click on the CTA, they will be redirected to its email landing page that reveals the popped toaster with 15% off. The CTA is placed and designed in such a way that it stands out and draws the visitor’s attention to “SHOP”.

Moo innovative landingpage example

5 tips for Highly effective innovative landing pages

  • Pick the right colors that match your brand personality.
  • Keep a close eye on the loading speed of the landing page. 
  • Don’t go over the top with the landing page design. 
  • Make the landing pages accessible for everyone.
  • Include relevant alt-text and optimize it for search engines. 

How to Pick the Right Landing Page (based on your Campaign)

We have looked at the different types of landing pages, which brings us to the question: “How to select the right landing page for the next campaign you have planned?”

Answer these questions to pick the right type:

  1. What is the objective of your landing page?
  2. What kind of tactics are your competitors using?
  3. Which are the challenges of your target audience (that the landing page should address)?
  4. What is the traffic source / brings your prospects to the landing page?
  5. What is your CTA? Which action should the audience take on leaving the page?

The length of the landing page is also an important factor to consider, apart from the number of fields on the form. If your objective of collecting the information is sending more personalized communications, you can go for a lengthier form. On the other hand, if you just need the email address of the visitor, go for a single-field form.

To choose the visual elements, pick the ones that are the best showcase for your offering. Would it be a static image, an illustration, an animated illustration, or an explainer video?

For SaaS business owners, an animated video or illustration can be a great idea. It will let the user know about the features and unique value proposition better in a shorter time than reading a full length page.

Use the right colors according to your industry and business personality. For instance: If you are an FMCG business owner, consider using shades of yellow or red. On the other hand, if you have a premium brand dealing with luxury items, you must stick to black and white. That is likely to leave a deeper impact on the customer’s minds and entice them to convert.  

Wrapping up: What is the best type of landing page?

Your landing pages can yield conversions only if they hit the right chord with the visitor. While these are some of the best practices that you must follow when it comes to designing the landing pages, do not limit yourself to this cocoon.

Explore new possibilities and think out-of-the-box to create landing pages that will impress the buyers and contribute to your business growth. Here is an infographic for more great insights on landing pages.

landing page infographic

Three FAQs to Help You Create Better Landing Pages

What should my landing page include?

Here are the top things your landing page MUST have:
1. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your product
2. Benefits of your offerings, instead of features
3. Testimonials and social proof as trust-building elements
4. A strong CTA to generate conversions
5. Relevant visuals, with directional cues 

How much does creating a landing page cost?

If you are a startup, you can consider the DIY landing page builders or builders provided by Mailchimp, Aweber, or an email tool like ConstantContact. If you want a customized landing page, you can outsource it to an agency that would charge $200 to $2000 for each landing page, according to the customizations you are looking for, visuals you need to add, and time taken. 

Do I need to have a website for a landing page?

Not at all. You can have a standalone landing page without a website. There are tools that can help you host landing pages even if you do not have a website. 

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