Behavioral Marketing, Symbols and Email Markting Dysfunctions

Some really good articles on behavioral email marketing and use of symbols in subject lines. Be sure to read ‘m all.

Enjoy this week’s email marketing reading list or as it’s called now: Email marketing review.

  • Don’t worry about building the world’s most comprehensive behavioral marketing system. Instead, break these five steps, allowing you to gradually achieve your goal of leveraging technology to deliver campaigns that interact with segments of one.

    1) Build a centralized marketing database.
    2) Segment and send messages based on behaviors.
    3) Automate sends triggered by behaviors.
    4) Insert dynamic content into emails based on behavior.
    5) Personalize the website experience to reflect each visitor’s actions.

  • Every version of your email is now a mobile version with almost nine of every 10 email readers checking messages via mobile devices every day. It is now imperative to make your email creative easy to view on a mobile device. So design With Mobile in Mind and test a responsive design.

  • In email marketing one of the oft-hidden tactics is the use of symbols in subject lines. So remember these tips from Bronto:

    * Choose a symbol that supports your message
    * Front-end your symbols in the subject line to ensure they will be seen
    * Avoid using a detailed symbol like ☣- this may not be readable in the subject line
    * Don’t overuse symbols – they will likely lose their effectiveness over time

  • These 5 business dysfunctions could easily apply to some of the common mistakes we see marketers making when it comes to creating best-in-class email programs.

  • In the email space many companies just shrug off complaints. They don’t really pay attention to what recipients are saying and treat complaints merely as unsubscribe requests. [Includes facebooks complain reporting guide visual]


Jordie van Rijn

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