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Which marketing channels are right for you? [Infographic]

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Of course, digital and online marketing should work together. But how do they exactly? For many SMB it is hard to know which ones to focus on.

Every business has a different consumer base, different budget, and reach in different geographical regions. It can be tempting to think that email is the end all to your marketing or SEO, or that all social media marketing works, or that every leaflet you produce with will worth the paper it is written on.

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The Simple Way to Improve Emails with Re-purposed Content

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In the world of email marketing, good subject lines may get your emails opened, but it’s the content of the emails that will cause customers to act, but it can take some time to create all that content.

Luckily, you can easily re-purpose content for your emails using what you’ve already created for your blog and website in order to make them more interesting, more engaging, and more successful in the long run.
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Explaining Behavioral Marketing Automation

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What exactly is Behavioral Marketing automation? Bryan Brown (@getvision) director of product strategy at Silverpop explains the concept of “behavioral marketing” and how you are able to automate parts of that behavioral marketing process.

Behavioral marketing automation has proven time and time again to have a big impact on marketing programs. A marketer can go from mass communication, to very individual and customer targetted messaging and email. As Bryan says: “The net impact? A relationship in which marketing assists the buyer in the learning process, strengthening engagement and ultimately leading to increased conversions.”