6 digestible digital marketing tips you can use right now

You know, if you keep telling people something is “complex” over and over, they’ll start to believe it. To be fair, digital marketers have more options, platforms, metrics and challenges for attention than they did five years ago, or even a year ago.

But it’s all going to be ok. We’ve distilled all of our experiences from the last year into 6 digital marketing tips to use moving forward.

1. Content is still king

The quickest way to disengage an audience is to give them irrelevant content. With more voices and choices in the digital space today, relevant, timely and personalized content is at its peak importance. You get one chance (maybe two) to connect with customers – make it count.

2. Grab Attention!!!

Sure messages are flying everywhere from everyone. But look at it this way – most companies are using the same model and the same voice. Find your voice to stand out and relate to your customers. Create your own “awe” moments for them and you’ll get their attention. Just look at how ob tampons did it here.

3. Unify your Channels & Data

With the platforms available to marketers, disjointed messages and data are no longer acceptable. It’stime to raise the bar. With the right data, marketers know what messages work best at what times and through what channels. But only if everything is working together. Siloed databases are a thing of the past – if you’re still stuck with them, get ready to see the backs of your competition as they soar ahead of you.

4. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Mobile readership is rising (In case you hadn’t heard) and doesn’t look to be stopping. Just about half of all email is read on a mobile device. On of the best digital marketing tips is to build your messages, CTA’s and content for mobile-first, then worry about the desktop.

5. Keep the message simple

You’re competing with thousands of messages, brands and products – more now than ever. Keep your message and CTA’s clear and simple. You get about 8 seconds to grab attention. Make them count.

6. Don’t be afraid to try new things

Measure the results so you can tweak it, avoid it or change it altogether. As marketers, we tend tomove pretty fast and knock off items on our to-do list. Don’t forget to measure! As Jeffrey Hayzlett says “This is marketing. No one is going to die.”


TJ Rosenberg

TJ is a digital marketing professional with 10+ years of experience in Marketing, Sales, Client Services, Production and Graphics on both client and agency side. His current role has him managing all marketing activities for Inbox Marketer, a leading digital messaging firm out of Toronto, Canada.