21 real email marketing list growth ideas

Everybody wants to grow their email list. And sometime all it takes to increase the effectiveness of your opt-in email list building, is to get inspired.

Here are the 21 list growth ideas and techniques to improve your current list building from a recent webinar of Dave Chaffey from SmartInsights and Jim Ducharme.

21 email list growth ideas and techniques

1. Cover all your bases

2. Register (early) during purchase

3. Give a (damned good) reason

4. Use social proof

5. Above the fold call to action

6. Review ALL your page template for signup and SEO

7. Run of the site Call to Action

8. TINA – To In You Face?

9. Less intrusive run-of-site signup

10. Use Facebook Likegates

11. Create a content marketing machine

12. Create nuclear fuel (Yes, this is a real list building technique)

13. Use AdWords if you can prove ROI

14. Use keyword or interest targetted display

15. Build your own community ?

16. Make social sign on happen

17. Keep comms integrated

18. Keep it sustained

19. Build social sharing into contact strategy

20. Make offline work tohrough drive to web and social

21. Use your analytics to refine and improve signup

Below is the slidedeck from the presentation. Take a closer look because some of the slides also include links to case studies on the smartinsights website.

What is your favorite technique? And did you figure out to build what your nuclear fuel might be?

Jordie van Rijn

Jordie van Rijn is an independent email marketing consultant. He specializes in smart email marketing, event-driven campaigns and email tool selection. As a consultant, Jordie will help you get the most out of your email marketing efforts.