Crazy Effective Email Tools for Sales Pros

Finally; Sales tools are starting to get the well-deserved love from developers! The new breed of sales tools empowered by tech is speeding up the research and outreach processes and empowering sales professionals to focus on their core job.

Finally; Sales tools are starting to get the well-deserved love from developers! The new breed of sales tools empowered by tech is speeding up the research and outreach processes and empowering sales professionals to focus on their core job.

I love smart cold email outreach and wanted to follow up from my previous article on the topic. This time, I’m focusing on top email sales tools that you should try and use in your daily workflow.

Please keep in mind: these tools weren’t built to spam people. Intelligent outbound outreach focuses on the quality of prospects and email personalization, not the quantity.

Specialised Cold E-mail Tools

The email “clients” listed below were purposefully built for sales outbound email outreach. They enable you to send templated emails, test different approaches and follow up at just the right time. That said, these tools are not full-fledged CRMs – you still need another CRM tool (most often Salesforce) to sync with them. You can also use an email signature from email signature generators and include it in your emails to personalize your outreach.

PersistIQ (paid)

This tool focuses strictly on outbound email outreach. It’s pretty simple: you import emails that you want to reach out to, specify email templates for the first email and subsequent follow-ups and the tool does the rest – automatically. The end result is a bunch of email replies (hopefully positive) from your prospects. These you can sync to your CRM and work on them from there.


Lead Generation Tools

Obviously you need to be able to generate new leads and what better than landingpage builders to quickly set up a (customized) lead gen page to generate that traffic, interest and leads.

MailMunch – Create Landing Pages

Creating highly converting landing pages and squeeze pages is quite simple with MailMunch. It has a drag-and-drop builder, lots of pre-built templates, so you don’t need any coding skills or previous experience.

Growing your email list, can’t be ignored in the quest for leads. Mailmunch has a friendly interface and a lot of additional features and functionalities. As I mentioned email prospecting is a good thing. Just make sure that your cold email outreach has value and isn’t spamming people at mass.

Email Follow-up Tools


yesware email follow up tool

Yesware is an add-on for Outlook and Gmail, trusted by over 10,000 companies. Sales Professionals use Yesware to automate their outreach and follow-ups, schedule meetings without the back-and-forth, and understand buyers with extensive data and analytics.

Popular features include Multi-Channel Campaigns, Email Tracking, Meeting Scheduler, Email Templates, and Reporting — these tools all live in your inbox. Yesware offers a free 14-day trial on their website.

SalesHandy (freemium)

SalesHandy is a sales engagement platform for data focused sales teams. To track emails & documents, to send mail merge campaigns with auto follow-ups, to share email templates with the team & last but not least to schedule emails all from this simple, software application.

Rebump (free)


Ever wanted to completely automate follow-up emails? I’ve written about the importance of follow-ups before – a lot of sales people give up way too quickly with their follow-ups. Rebump solves this problem. This tiny Gmail extension handles follow-ups for you automatically and is very complementary to Lukewarm Emailer (look above). (paid)

Another super useful follow-up tool – especially if you want to send manual follow-ups and just utilise a tool to remind you when to follow up. It’s very simple – whenever you compose a new email you can bcc with something like “”. In this case, the email reminder will resurface on next Monday at 9AM.

Email finding tools

Before you can actually start emailing potential customers, you need their emails. Even just a few years ago this process was cumbersome and filled with guesswork. Not anymore, modern tools (like the ones below) are making it easier than ever to reach whoever you want to.

Hunter (freemium)

Hunter’s Email Finder allows finding the verified email addresses of any professional. Just type in the name of your prospect and their website in the search box, and you’ll get a result in seconds. Hunter offers a bunch of tools that helps not only with email lookup, but also with email verification, and cold outreach. With a free plan, you can get 25 free email lookup requests and 50 email verification requests.

Email tracking / templating / scheduling tools that work inside Gmail

The three tools below are in essence very simple Gmail extensions. But what they provide is pure magic for sales reps:

  • see who & when opened your emails
  • see what your recipients clicked on
  • prepare and utilise email templates
  • use simple mail merge to personalise and batch email people
  • integrate with your CRM system (most of them work best with Salesforce)

ToutApp (freemium)

Toutapp was one of the first tools of this kind. It offers very similar functionality to Yesware; the only visible difference seems to be more emphasis on the reporting options for managers. Would love to know your ToutApp experience in the comments below – especially if you find it more useful than Yesware or Sidekick.

Email focused CRMs

Not all CRM systems are great at handling email outbound sales. That’s a huge minus nowadays when a big chunk of sales gets done via this channel. Salesforce covers this with a rich ecosystem of add-ons that augment its email capabilities (some of them are listed above). If your organization isn’t ready for Salesforce but would love to use an email-focused CRM, check my top 3 picks below.

Streak (freemium)

Streak is a full-fledged CRM that “lives” within Gmail. In addition to the functionalities of the tools above, it adds pipeline view and team collaboration options. All the standard functionality you would expect from a CRM tool. If you work with a small sales team that needs a lightweight CRM within Gmail, you should definitely look into Streak.

3ac145d (paid) is a great CRM tool for startups. It enables your team to send emails directly from within the CRM, with all the neat functionality you would expect from a modern email system: email open tracking, templating and follow-up reminders. It even has a very good in-build calling functionality: this way all your pipeline interactions get logged in properly and your team avoids tons of unnecessary data entry.

RelateIQ (paid)

This is a relatively special CRM that focuses on your team’s email interactions and augments them with smart contextual information from around the social web. It’s especially useful at reminding you to follow up (even if you don’t schedule it manually) and reduces a lot of traditional data entry tasks. Definitely worth a try if your sales interactions are predominantly email-driven.

Looking for an all-in-one CRM with strong email functionality? Check out this full Engagebay review.

That’s it – hope you managed to find a new tool or two to improve your sales workflow! These tools have considerably sped up our own sales processes and have become invaluable for our outbound email-driven sales team.

Jakob Marovt

Jakob Marovt is a startup marketer & is the co-founder of cuely, which provides fast cloud search for companies. He is always on the lookout for new products that make the lives of sales and marketing professionals easier.