How to Maximize ROI with Email Landing Pages

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Are your email campaign metrics on the rise, without a similar increase in conversion? Perhaps it’s time to take a look at your landing pages.

Your email campaign can very well be the bait for “catching” leads, it’s not the hook. This hook is, of course, your landing page. That is where your leads actually sign-up, download, make a purchase, or, in other words, convert.

It makes sense to give your email landing pages at least as much attention as your emails. Email and landing pages are the two most important pieces of your campaign. They must complement each other and work in perfect harmony, moving leads to become customers.  Read More


4 Times You Should Turn Off Your Email Automation

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It’s relatively easy to get on board with email automation. And once you get the hang of it, it can be tempting to set up several automated flows, turn the sequence on, sit back, and watch the leads roll in. But there are some times when people just don’t want to “talk.” Here are four times you should hit the pause button on your email automation flow, step back, and send something different (or nothing at all) instead.

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How to Write Email with Military Precision

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In the military, soldiers learn how to push past their perceived limits and that involves wading through their inboxes to keep on top of an endless stream of messages. Additionally, they are forced to process mission critical emails: which could mean life or death. Find out their email protocol anyone can use to write more efficient emails.

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