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7½ Steps to Great Email Marketing for Small Businesses

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Small businesses often struggle to gain traction in marketing their product or service. Flyers get thrown away, billboards require upkeep and radio or television adverts cost as much as the company car!

So, what’s a cost effective solution to a very serious problem? After all, with no marketing there’s no sales and with no sales, your small business will soon be out of business! Read More


Do You Treat Your Subscribers Like a “Homogeneous Lump”?

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If there’s one thing that email marketing experts disagree on, it’s the best way to sell via email.

You have one camp that believes you need to build credibility and trust with your subscribers before they’ll be ready to buy. So you should focus on sending great content and nurturing relationships before you offer anything. They can’t believe how crass some people can be by pitching before they’ve built a relationship. Read More