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email_marketing_outlook_com_logo and what Email Marketers need to know about “the new hotmail”

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Microsoft changes from Hotmail to

With the introduction of, the windows live team replaces Hotmail with a new interface and functionality, and a new domain. As a former Hotmail user, I immediately migrated to to see Microsoft’s new email platform. The first thing that you notice is the super clean UI that’s minimalist in design and clearly aimed at touch friendly devices. Hotmail users are flocking to the new  But what do Email Marketers need to know about, “the new hotmail”? Read More


Where Apple went oops on Email Marketing

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Apple has a big following of loyal customers and fans who are truly enthusiastic about almost every bit of little news they bring out. That’s impressive.

Their email marketing messages? Not so much. It even sucks, big-time. And that is strange for a company that normally scrutinizes every detail of their products.

Here is a dutch example of an Apple email marketing message, fresh from the inbox. Read More

Optimize subject line force with this 4 step checklist [video]

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How to write subject lines that double your clickthrough rate?

In this very interesting Web clinic replay, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin analyzes the winning subject lines from a series of email subject line tests they ran. He explores what made them work so well, and how you can apply those principles to your own subject lines.

Using a 4 question checklist he drills down on subjectline facts from their research to maximize the force of a subjectline. He takes the audiences questions in a live optimization.

If you would like to learn how to write more effective subject lines, simply watch the above Web clinic replay.