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Retina email: Is it worth it? [infographic]


Is it worth going “retina” on your emails and increase the resolution of your email images? Will it be the double sized image to rule them all?

This infographic by Media Monks serves some quick tips on how to design retina friendly emails, keeping in mind the perfect image ratio, image file size, media queries for a responsive email design and other crucial components.

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Be an opt-in falcon: What 4 million email opt-ins taught us about collecting quality email adresses


We love the art of collecting email adresses, but also in numbers and we find beauty in data and statistics. So when we hit the mark of collecting 4 million email opt-ins (yes there is a live counter on our site), it was time to open the books and share more of the secrets behind our stats & data of Padiact.

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Keeping your Mailing List Healthy


Your body is a temple – treat it well and it will serve you well. Neglect to take care of it and you will end up paying the consequences. Mailing lists are exactly the same.
You need to take care of your email marketing list if you expect it to serve you well and get good responses to your offers.

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Our top 3 email marketing myth busters


When it comes to email marketing there are still some myths that surround our practices. It can be difficult to know what are the best options for you and your business.

Creating a campaign centred around old practices can be damaging to your email marketing ROI and may even result in you losing subscribers. To stop this negative impact on your business we have collected a top 3 of the most common myths surrounding email marketing and what the current best practices are.

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Strong ways to grow your email list through social and offline


‘The best way to improve your email campaign results, is to increase your email list size’, Dela Quist said at the DDMA Email Summit conference. You have to put an even amount of effort into creating your email campaign, whether you send your email campaign to 500 contacts or to 500.000 contacts.

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How to Generate Stellar Ideas for your Monthly Newsletter


Many people believe that email marketing is dead, but this is not true. In fact, email marketing is seeing a resurgence because many companies are using email marketing the right way. Email marketing is proving to be quite successful for more and more online marketers and companies.

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Functionality needed to help your email campaign go viral


“Going viral” is the holy grail of marketing; having your campaign be seen by thousands, or even millions, might be a marketer’s dream come true.

However going viral can mean different things to different people, dependent on your goals, resources and budgets.

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5 great email marketing articles to share


Here are some of my favorite articles about email marketing from the last couple of weeks. They (almost) speak for themselves.

With virtual reality in email, the world’s ugliest email and further teasing through mobile subject lines and email content, al I can say is: Enjoy!

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How to decrease your newsletter unsubscribes


When putting effort in your email marketing, you hope to get positive feedback in terms of a good open rate, click through rate and conversions. Having put time and energy into creating good content and a lean design, it can be a disappointment to see people unsubscribe from your newsletter.

Knowing how to interpret your newsletter unsubscribes can give hints in how to deal with them. In this article, I will discuss reasons people unsubscribe and how you could prevent it.

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