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How to use Alt Tags in your newsletter and avoid “hidden” problems


“We learn from our mistakes,” the saying goes. That may be true, but it’s a lot less stress inducing to learn from someone else’s mistakes. Seeing errors in the work of others can induce schadenfreude in some cases, but a better response is to investigate what the sender did wrong and ask yourself if you are in danger of making similar mistakes. If you are, then you might want to treat those errors as your own.

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8 Tips to increase the ROI of your email campaigns by using themes


One of the main reasons email marketing is an indispensable part of the marketing mix is that it delivers such high ROI. On average the ROI of email marketing is 119%, but you probably want higher.

To increase that ROI is an ongoing challenge. Here are 8 tips to increase your ROI and reach your targets.

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How to generate more email opt-ins from Facebook


What is your number one pain with email marketing? If you’re like most marketers – it’s lead generation.

Getting good leads to nurture – and convert – is one of the biggest problems facing online marketers. Fortunately, social sites like Facebook give you the chance to begin the sales cycle through nurturing relationships, amplifying your brand, and ultimately getting the sale.

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Email marketing articles: Outlook 2013, Emotional Email and the most neglected weapon in email marketing


If you keep up with email marketing blogs coming out and people writing, you can see it’s not that easy coming up with original articles and new topics.

I’d like to name this weeks reading list “Email marketing articles that share something new” Enjoy.

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How to use email and trigger your VIP customers to buy on impulse


Email marketing is often used to trigger impulse buying. Impulse buying works well for low-priced products. High-priced products and impulse buying don’t seem to be a good match at first, but are actually a great combination!

So let’s learn more on how to successfully trigger impulse buying for high-priced purchases.

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5 Email Marketing Formulas to Bring Back Lost Customers


It’s more costly to acquire a new customer than it is to retain and nurture an existing one. But holding on to your nurtured prospect can pose a challenge. How can you bring back a shopping cart drop off, or regain a past buyer?

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Are you using any of these common torpedo words in your emails?


It takes practice and thoughtfulness to improve Netiquette (email etiquette). Because email offers the least amount of personal interaction, every single aspect of the email can have an effect on how both sender and receiver perceive each other.

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7 Tips to keep your email positive with Netiquette


Ever wondered how a positive attitude could influence your tone-of-voice, personal email correspondence and even email marketing results? The following are seven tips to immediately improve your email.

Once you become aware of applying these suggestions, even your overall tone will improve.

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